Summer of 2013:  I have turned over the blog to my daughter Sarah, a CVS pro!  She will carry on and bring you all the best of CVS shopping.  To contact her email her at:  scribblingsarah @ gmail dot com.

Editing 5/14/2012:

I have had to make some changes at Simply CVS.  They are explained in the following posts:


After saving over $3000 in 2009 while shopping at CVS Pharmacy I was encouraged to share with others thru the internet what I have learned.  Simply CVS was designed with new as well as veteran CVS shoppers in mind.  It is my goal to keep it simple in content and design so readers can jump in, find what they want quickly and get on their way, but also have plenty of material for them to read in case they want to stay for awhile.  I know life is hectic and I found searching for CVS deals to be very time consuming and kept many people from being able to take advantage of the great savings to be had.

It was with this in mind that I decided to start Simply CVS to post all the deals I could find in one place along with lessons, tips and resources to make saving money at CVS as quick and easy as each shopper chooses. If you are new to this site you may want to read thru the getting started on Simply CVS tutorial and if you are new to CVSing check out the CVS 101 For Beginners.

Since beginning Simply CVS I have been asked often about blogging. In response to the many questions I have started a second blog, Simply Blogging University, with step by step instructions, tips and resources for blogging.


I'm Cheryl, and if you haven't noticed by now, I enjoy shopping and saving at CVS!  And I enjoy helping others save just as much as getting the savings for myself and that is why I began The Simply Blogs series (this is the first in what I hope will be many helpful blogs for everyday living and saving).  I love to share what I know with others in hopes that they will find it as enriching to their lives as I have to mine.
I have just hit middle age...well, that depends on your definition of middle age.  I figure I'm halfway thru my adult life so I am middle aged.  My husband would tell you I hit it before him.  I am six months older than he, but as a love struck teen he didn't mind and now 30+ years later he's stuck with the older woman, like it or not.

We enjoyed raising our two daughters together.  We home schooled them from K thru 12 and began when home schooling was NOT cool.  They have both earned Bachelor of Science degrees from online and correspondence courses since graduation.  As a family we have always done everything together from cooking, to gardening, to serving in our local church, to caring for others in need. We truly enjoy each others' company.  Oh, and of course, we all enjoy CVSing at our favorite little CVS (well, Dad enjoys hearing about OUR CVSing trips)!

Contact Information:   scribblingsarah @ gmail . com (leave out spaces).