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CVS Extra Buck Deals & the Best to Roll Current ECB's Onto for the Weekly Ad of 6/25/2017 with Coupon Match-ups

Here are the coupon match ups for extra buck deals for the CVS weekly ad of June 25, 2017.   There's 3 Colgate deals this week...on toothpaste, brush, and wash!

These include the best CVS extra buck deals for rolling.  Each week I make a list of the extra buck deals that will use up the least extra bucks which makes them the best to roll current extra bucks onto.  These will usually be the simplest deals, not ones where you need several of one coupon to make it work.  They are listed in least ECBs "lost" to the most "lost" up to loosing $5 extra bucks.  They are not listed necessarily in order of the least extra bucks needed to do the transaction.

Some of the deals will be better if you have more than one of each coupon--but I always include just one insert or two printable coupons in my scenarios since that is what is available to the greatest number of readers.

(Clarification:  "Lost" is used to note how many extra bucks you will use up
on the deal--if you pay with a $5 extra buck and earn a $3 extra buck you've "lost" $2; some people refer to it as "burning" extra bucks).

Extra Buck Deals from CVS Weekly Ad of June 25, 2017

Get $1.50 ECB wyb Colgate Total, Max or 2in1 toothpaste 4.6-6 oz $3.49 Limit 2
$2/1 Colgate $2/1 optic white, total advanced, enamel health or sensitive toothpaste 3oz+ (SS 6/25)

Lose $0.99
Get $1 ECB wyb Colgate Total or Optic White mouthwash 500ml $3.99 Limit 2
$2/1 Colgate mouthwash or mouth rinse 400ml+ (SS 6/25)

Lose $1.99
Get $1.50 ECB wyb Select Colgate manual toothbrush 1 ct. $3.99 Limit 2
$.50/1 Colgate adult or kids manual toothbrush excluding plus, extra clean or classic clean (SS 6/25)

 Lose $3
Get $3 ECB wyb (2) Purex 43.5-50 oz 2/$6 (or $3.79 each) Limit 1

Get $1 ECB wyb (4) Hershey's or Mars Chocolate singles 1.08-2 oz 4/$4 Limit 1

 Lose $3.50
Get $3 ECB wyb (3) Garnier Whole Blends shampoo or conditioner 12.5 oz 2/$7 (or $4.79 each) Limit 1
$2/1 Garnier Whole Blends Shampoo, Conditioner or Treatment, exp. 7/1/17 (RP 06/04/17 #2)
$2/1 Garnier Whole Blends shampoo, conditioner or treatment (RP 6/25)

Lose $4
Get $4 ECB wys $12 on Select Suave hair care 2/$6 (or $3.49 each) Limit 1
$1/1 Suave Professionals styling product (SS 6/25)
$2/2 Suave Professionals gold shampoo or conditioner or dry shampoo excluding 3oz (SS 6/25)
$2/2 Suave Professionals silver or green hair care 28oz, dry shampoo or treatment products excluding 12.6oz and 3oz (SS 6/25)

Lose $5 or a little more
NOTE:  Since I don’t know the cost of the different items, I don’t know how much over $10 you may have to go, so I’m not sure if the coupons will bring it down below $5 or not.

Get $5 ECB wys $10 on Select Crest Pro-Health toothpaste, rinse or Oral-B floss Limit 2

“In the ballpark”
NOTE:  Since I don’t know the exact cost of these items in your store, I’m unsure how much ECB value you would lose to get them, but I think they’d be around $5 or less, so you may wish to check them out.
Get $5 ECB wyb (2) Maybelline eye Limit 1
$3/1 Maybelline New York Mascara product (excludes mini or travel size) (RP 6/18)
$1/1 Maybelline New York Liner or Shadow product any (RP 6/18)
$2/1 Maybelline New York brow product any (RP 6/18)

Get $8 ECB wyb (2) Neutrogena foundation, powder, blush or concealer 
Limit 1
Save $4.00 any ONE (1) Neutrogena Cosmetics Face product (excludes trial sizes and clearance products) PRINTABLE*limit 1 per customer

 Get $5 ECB wyb (2) Garnier facial care (excludes masks and micellar water) Limit 1
$2/1 Garnier Skincare, exp. 7/1/17 (RP 06/04/17 #2) [Excludes trial and masks]

Get $2 ECB wyb (2) Speed Stick, Lady Speed Stick or twin pk. (BOGO 50% OFF) Limit 1

Get $2 ECB wyb (2) Select Dove, Degree apdo, Dove, Degree or AXE dry spray 3.8 oz (BOGO 50% OFF) Limit 1
$4/1 Dove/Dove Men+Care/Degree/Axe male AND one female dry spray ets (RP 6/11)

Get $6 ECB wyb (2) Gillette, Venus razor 1 ct. or refills (excludes disposables and trial/travel) Limit 1

Get $10 ECB wyb (2) Schick Hydo 5, Hydro 3, Silk, Quattro or Intuition razors or refills (excludes disposables) Limit 1
 Save $4.00 on any ONE (1) Schick Hydro Silk TrimStyle Razor(excludes Schick Disposables and Men's Razor PRINTABLE
$3/1 Schick Quattro Titanium Razor or Refill, exp. 7/9/17 (SS 06/18/17) [Excludes disposables]
$3/1 Schick Hydro Razor or Refill, exp. 7/9/17 (SS 06/18/17) [Excludes disposables]
$3/1 Schick Hydro Silk Razor or Refill, exp. 7/9/17 (SS 06/18/17) [Excludes disposables]

Get $5 ECB wyb (2) Scope 1 liter Limit 2

Get $1 ECB wyb Colgate Total Advanced mouthwash 13.5-27 oz 
Limit 2

Get $3 ECB wyb Oral-B toothbrush 2 pk. 
Limit 2

Get $3 ECB wyb any Imodium, Lactaid or Pepcid Limit 3

More than $5
These items will cost you more than $5 after ECBs, so may not be the "Best ECB Deals" for rolling ECBs, but if it's something you may be great, so here they are:

Get $10 ECB wys $30 on these products : Limit 1
Coke, Dr. Pepper 2 liter bottle, Vitaminwater 20 oz or Powerade 32 oz 4/$5 (or $1.67 each)
Coke or Dr. Pepper 12 pk. 12 oz cans 3/$10 (or $4.99 each)
Gold Emblem or Gold Emblem abound nut cans 17.5-18.25 oz (excludes pistachios) or abound raw almonds bag 20 oz $7.99
Ben & Jerry's or Talenti gelato 1 pint 2/$8 (or $4.49 each)
Pringles 5.68-6.42 oz 2/$3 (or $1.88 each)
Heinz ketchup 32 oz, A1 steak sauce 10 oz or Hidden Valley ranch dressing 16 oz 2/$5 (or $3.19 each)
French's mustard 14 oz or Frank's Red Hot sauce 12 oz 2/$3 (or $1.77 each)
Hellmann's mayonnaise 20-30 oz or Lipton tea 40-100 ct. $2.99
Assorted seasonal items psa. $4.99
Seasonal Toys (25% OFF)
Quad chairs (BOGO 50% OFF)
Save $1.00 on any TWO Pringles LOUD PRINTABLE  **IF INCLUDED
Various Gold Emblem abound IPs : PRINTABLE
$0.50/1 French's Ketchup, exp. 7/18/17 (SS 05/21/17 R) [20-oz.+]
French's & Frank's IPs : 
$0.75/1 Frank's Red Hot, exp. 7/1/17 (SS 05/07/17 #2 R) [12-oz.]

Get $3 ECB wys $10 on Drumstick, Crunch, Outshine bars. Skinny Cow 4-6 ct. or Edy's ice cream 1.5 qt. 
Limit 1
Get $5 ECB wys $15 on any Raid or OFF! repellents (excludes trial/travel) 
Limit 1?
Save $0.55 on any ONE (1) Raid product PRINTABLE

Get $4 ECB wys $12 on any L'Oreal eye, foundation, powder, blush or concealer 
Limit 1

Get $3 ECB wys $12 on any NYX cosmetics 
Limit 1

Get $5 ECB wys $15 on any e.l.f cosmetics 
Limit 1

Get $3 ECB wys $10 on Select false eye lashes or brow pencils Limit 1

Get $4 ECB wys $12 on any Sally Hansen cosmetics 
Limit 1

Get $5 ECB wys $15 on any CoverGirl foundation, powder, blush, concealer, lip or eye 
Limit 1

Get $5 ECB wys $15 on the Dove products listed : 
Limit 1
Dove body wash 13.5-22 oz or Dove bar soap 6 pk. 2/$15 (or $7.99 each)
$1.25/1 Dove Body Wash 22 oz. or larger or Dove Shower foam 13.5 oz. (excludes trial/travel size and Dove Men+Care) (RP 6/18.)
$1/1 Dove beauty bar 4pk+ ets (RP 6/18.)
$1/1 Dove body wash 22oz+ or 1 shower foam 13.5oz (RP 6/18.)

Get $4 ECB wyb (2) 
OR $8 ECB wyb (3) OGX hair care 3.3-13 oz (excludes trial/travel) $6.99 Limit $8

Get $3 ECB wyb (2) Revon Colorsilk or Buttercream hair color (excludes twin pk.) 
Limit 3

Get $4 ECB wyb (2) L'Oreal hair care (excludes Salon and trial/travel) 
Limit 1
Get $5 ECB wyb (2) Enfamil, Similac or Earth's Best organic formula 20.4-23.2 oz 
Limit 1

Get $5 ECB wys $20 on CVS Home health care Limit 1

Get $3 ECB wyb (2) Ensure Original 6 pk. 2/$16 (or $8.99 each) 
Limit 1

Get $5 ECB wys $25 on Select women's wellness products 
Limit 1

Get $10 ECB wys $20 on any Excedrin 24-200 ct. 
Limit 2
Save $1.00 on any one (1) 20ct.+ Excedrin products PRINTABLE

Get $5 ECB wys $20 on 5-hour Energy 2, 6 or 10 pk. (BOGO 50% OFF) 
Limit 1

Get $5 ECB wys $20 on Futuro braces, supports or compression hosiery 
Limit ?

Get $2 ECB wyb Systane, Opti-Free or Clear Care twin pk. $15.99 
Limit 1

Get $5 ECB wyb Flonase allergy relief twin pk. 2x120 sprays 
Limit 2

Get $10 ECB wys $30 on Omron or Wahl therapy massage 
Limit ?

Get $10 ECB wys $40 on any Miralax 
Limit 1

Get $5 ECB wyb Nexium 23HR 42 ct. 
Limit ?

Thanks to Didie at WeUseCoupons for the coupon match-ups.

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