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Sunday Coupon Insert Preview Week of 4/2/17: 3 Inserts

Here is the preview for the Sunday coupon inserts for the week of  April 2, 2017.  There should be three:  one Redplum, one Smartsource, and one Procter & Gamble   

Keep in mind that some coupons are regional and the lists may not be exactly what you will get, but usually I have gotten way over 90% of the list.

Redplum Coupon Insert Preview
Act $1/1 Adult Mouthwash ets (6/4)
Act Save $2.50 wyb BOTH Kids Toothpaste and Kids Rinse ets (6/4)
Act $1/1 Kids Product ets (6/4)Allegra $3/1 Allegra-D Product (4/29)
Allegra $5/1 Allergy 24 Hr 25ct or larger (4/29)
Allegra $10/1 Allergy 60ct or 70ct (4/8)
Allegra $5/1 Children’s Allergy 8oz or 24ct product (4/8)
Allegra $3/1 Children’s Allergy Product (4/29)
Angel Soft $1/1 Mega Bathroom Tissue 6 roll + (5/2)
Angel Soft .45/1 any package bathroom tissue (5/2)
Apple Lean $3/1 Product (6/2)
Brawny .25/1 Paper Towel (5/2)
Country Crock .35/1 Buttery Spread or Buttery Sticks (4/16)
Degree Women $1/1 MotionSense, Ultra Clear or Clinical Protection Deodorant Product (excludes twin packs and trial/travel) (4/30)
Degree .50/1 Women Dry Protection Deodorant Product (excludes twin packs and trial and travel sizes) (4/30)
Degree $1/1 Men MotionSense, Extra Fresh or Clinical Protection Deodorant Product (excludes twin packs and trial/travel) (4/30)
Degree .50/1 Men Dry Protection or Fresh Deodorant Product (excludes twin packs and trial/travel) (4/30)
Dixie .75/1 Package to go cups (5/2)
Dixie $1/2 packages plates any size (5/2)
Dixie $1.50/2 Packages Everyday plates 9” 85ct+ or 10” 50ct+ or Ultra Plates 9” 64ct or 10” 44ct (5/2)
Garnier $2/1 Whole Blends Shampoo or Conditioner (4/29)
Garnier $2/1 Nutrisse (4/29)
Garnier $2/1 Skinactive Skincare ets or masks (4/29)
Gold Bond $1.50/1 Eczema Relief, Rough & Bumpy Skin, Diabetic’s Dry Skin Relief, Strength & Resilience, Dark Spot Minimizing, Neck & Chest Firming, or Lotion 13oz or larger (excludes hand creams) (4/29)
Gold Bond $1/1 Cream or Lotion 2.4oz or larger (4/29)
International Delight .55/1 Simply Pure Coffee Creamer (5/31)
International Delight $1/1 One Touch Latte (5/31)
International Delight $1/2 Coffee Creamers pint, quart or 48oz (5/31)
International Delight $1/2 Iced Coffee (5/31)
Lipton .40/1 Tea Bags, K-Cup, Liquid or Powdered Iced Tea Mix Product (5/1)
Polident $1.50/1 Denture Cleanser Tablets 84ct or larger (5/2)
ProNourish $2/1 Multipack (5/27)
Purina $1/10 trays of Purely Fancy Feast Brand Wet Cat Food Any Variety (7/31)
Purina $1/10 Fancy Feast Broths Gourmet Cat Complements any Variety (7/31)
Purina $1/10 Cans Fancy Feast Medleys Gourmet Cat Food any Variety (7/31)
Purina $1/1 Package Fancy Feast Brand Cat Treats any Variety (7/31)
Purina $1/2 Purina Brand Cat Snacks (5/2)
Purina $1/2 5.5oz + packages Purina Brand Dog Snacks (5/2)
Sally Hansen $1/1 Color Therapy Product (5/2)
Seventh Generation $1/1 Laundry Detergent or Detergent Packs (12/31)
Seventh Generation $2/1 Diaper Pack (12/31)
Seventh Generation .50/1 Hand Dish Liquid (12/31)
Seventh Generation $1/1 Coconut Care Baby Personal Care Product (12/31)
Stainmaster $1/1 Carpet Stain Remover or Pet Stain Remover (5/2)
Stainmaster $1/1 Carpet High Traffic Cleaner (5/2)
Super Poligrip FREE .75oz product up to $2.35 (5/2)
Tone $1/1 Body Wash or Bar 6 pack (4/23)
TRESemme $1/1 Styling Product ets (4/16)
TRESemme $1/1 Dry Shampoo Product ets (4/16)

Smartsource Coupon Insert Preview
Airborne $1/1 Product (7/2)
Bausch & Lomb $4/1 PreserVision (5/31)
Bausch & Lomb $4/1 AREDS 2 Formula + Multivitamin (5/31)
Bic $3/1 Flex5 Hybrid Razor Pack ets (4/23)
Bic $2/1 Disposable Razor Pack ets (4/23)
Bush’s $1/2 28oz Baked Beans (5/14)
Bush’s $1/2 22oz Grillin’ Beans or Limited Edition Beans (5/14)
Bush’s $1/3 15-16oz Baked Beans or Organic Baked Beans (5/14)
C&H .50/1 Sugar Product 2lbs or larger (6/11)
C&H .40/1 24oz Organic or 32oz Washed Raw Sugar Product (6/11)
C&H $1/1 Organic Blue Agave Nectar (6/11)
C&H $1/1 Flip-Top Canister Product (6/11)
Crunchmaster $1/1 product (7/2)
Depend $2/1 Package 8ct or larger (4/29)
Depend $2/1 Shields or Guards for Men or Bed Protectors 8ct+ (4/29)
Depend $2/1 Real Fit or Silhouette Products 8ct + (4/29)
Digestive Advantage $1/1 Product (7/2)
Duracell $1/1 Coppertop or Quantum 6pk or larger (4/29)
Efferdent $2/1 78ct+ (5/20)
Finish $1/1 Quantum Max or Max in 1 (5/7)
Finish $1/1 Jet Dry Rinse Aid (5/7)
Finish $1/1 Dishwasher Cleaner or Detergent Booster (5/7)
Fungi-Nail $1/1 any Item (8/31)
Fungi-Nail $3/1 any item (4/23)
Huggies $1.50/1 package Diapers. Not valid on 9ct or less (4/22)
Huggies $1.50 off Huggies Wipes 56ct or higher wyb 1 package of Little Snugglers or Little Movers Diapers not valid on 9ct or less (4/22)
Irish Spring $1/1 Body Wash excludes 2.5oz trial size (4/22)
Irish Spring .50/1 Multi-Bar Soap Packs 6-pack or larger (4/22)
Lance $1/2 Sandwich Cracker Variety 8.4oz to 30.3oz (6/2)
Lysol .50/1 Kitchen Pro Trigger (5/16)
Lysol .50/1 Kitchen Pro Wipes or Disinfecting Wipes 35ct + (5/16)
Lysol .50/1 Disinfectant Spray or Disinfectant Max Cover Mist 12.5oz or larger (5/16)
Lysol .50/2 Toilet Bowl Cleaners 24floz or larger (5/16)
Lysol .50/1 Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner (5/16)
Lysol $1/1 Laundry Sanitizer (5/16)
Magnilife DB $2/1 Diabetics Dry Skin Relief, Pain Relieving Foot Cream or Antifungal Cream (5/17)
MegaRed $1/1 Product (7/2)
Move Free $2/1 Product (7/2)
Poise $2/1 Product not valid on 14-26ct Liners or 10ct pads (4/29)
Poise $3/1 Package Pads 45ct or larger (4/29)
Rachael Ray $1.50/1 Bag of Nutrish Dog Treats (5/28)
Rachael Ray $2.50/1 12 or bag or larger Nutrish Dog Treats (5/28)
Rachael Ray $4/1 4lb bag or larger PEAK Nutrish Dry Dog Food (5/28)
Revlon $1/2 Colorsilk Shampoo or Conditioner (4/16)
Revlon $1/2 Hair Color Products (4/16)
Speed Stick Buy One Speed Stick Overtime or Speed Stick Irish Spring or Lady Speed Stick Unstoppable AP/Deodorant ONLY get one of equal or lesser value FREE up to $3.49 (4/22)
Speed Stick .50/1 Antiperspirant/Deodorant excluding 2oz, 1.8oz, 1.7oz and .5oz. Valid only on 2.7oz or larger (4/22)
Speed Stick .50/1 Lady Speed Stick Antiperspirant/Deodorant excluding 1.7oz, 1.4oz and .5oz trial size valid on 2.3oz or larger (4/22)
Starbucks $2/2 boxes K-Cup Pods (6/2)
Starbucks $2/2 Bags Packaged Coffee 10oz + (6/2)
Swedish Fish $1/2 Bags of Swedish Fish or Sour Patch Kids Soft & Chewy Candy 6.5oz + (5/13)
Tom’s of Maine $1.50/1 Luminous White Toothpaste ONLY ets (7/2)
Tom’s of Maine $2/2 Products ets (7/2)
Welch’s $1/1 Fruit Rolls 6ct box (5/13)
Woolite $1/1 Detergent 50oz, 75oz, or 100oz (5/15)
Ziploc $1/2 Bags (5/6)
Ziploc $1/2 Containers (5/6)

Procter & Gamble Coupon Insert Preview
Always $1/1 Radiant or Infinity Pads 11ct+ (4/15)
Always .50/1 Pads 11ct or higher OR Always Wipes Product excludes Always Discreet (4/15)
Always .50/1 Liners 30ct+ or Always Wipes 20ct+ excludes Always Discreet (4/15)
Always $2/1 Discreet Underwear excludes other Always products and trial/travel (4/29)
Always $2/1 Discreet Incontinence Liner OR Pad excludes other Always Products and trial/travel (4/29)
Bounty .50/1 Bounty Basic or Charmin Essentials Product excludes single roll and trial/travel (4/29)
Bounty $1/1 6ct or larger product includes 2 HUGE ROLL ets (4/29)
Charmin $1/1 6ct or larger product includes 4 MEGA roll ets (4/29)
Crest $5/1 3D White Glamorous White, 1 Ht Express, Professional effects, FlexFit Gentle Routine, Monthly Whitening Boos or Whitestrips with Light ets (4/15)
Crest $1/1 Toothpaste 3.0oz or more, Liquid Gel OR Kids Toothpaste excludes Crest Cavity, Baking Soda, Tartar Control and Trial/travel size (4/15)
Crest $1/1 Mouthwash 473 ML 16oz or larger ets (4/15)
Downy $1/1 Fabric Softener/Enhancer or Bounce Sheets (excludes Downy Libre Enjuague, Downy Liquid 12 load dryer sheets 60ct or below and trial/travel (4/15)
Gillette $4/1 Gillette or Venus Refill Pack 4ct+ (4/29)
Gillette $3/1 Razor or Disposable 2ct+ excludes Sensor2 2ct (4/29)
Gillette $1/1 Gillette, Venus or Satin Care Shave Gel 5.9oz or larger excludes foamy (4/29)
Head & Shoulders $5/2 380ml/12.8oz or larger or Clinical Solutions ets (4/15)
Head & Shoulders $2/1 380ml/12.8oz or larger or Clinical Solutions ets (4/15)
Luvs $2/1 Diapers ets (4/15)
Metamucil $2/1 Product excludes Meta Health Bar 1ct size (4/29)
Mr. Clean .75/1 Liquid ets (4/29)
Mr. Clean .50/1 Magic Eraser ets (4/29)
Olay $2/1 Facial Moisturizers or Facial Cleansers ets (4/15)
Olay $1/1 Bar 4ct or higher OR Body Wash excludes trial/sizes and 1 bar (4/15)
Olay $2/1 ProX, Regenerist OR Luminous Facial Moisturizer OR Olay Eyes ets (4/15)
Olay $2/1 Total Effects Facial Moisturizer excludes Olay Eyes and trial/travel (4/15)
Old Spice $1/1 Body Wash or Bar Soap ets (4/15)
Old Spice $1/1 Shampoo 2-in-1 or Styling Product ets (4/15)
Oral B $1/1 Adult OR Kids Manual Toothbrush excludes Health Clean, Cavity Defense, Indicator and trial/travel (4/15)
Oral B $1/1 Twin or Triple Glide Floss Pack of ONER 150ct Oral B Glide Floss Picks Pack (4/15)
Pampers $3/2 Bags or ONE Box Pampers Easy Ups Training Underwear or UnderJams Absorbent Night Wear ets (4/15)
Pampers $1/1 Splashers Swim Diapers ets (4/15)
Pampers $5/2 boxes Pamper Diapers or Easy Ups Training Underwear ets (4/15)
Pampers .50/1 Wipes 56ct or higher ets (4/15)
Pantene $1.50/1 Styler or Treatment Product ets (4/15)
Pantene $1/1 Pantene Expert or Gold Series Product ets (4/15)
Pantene $5/3 Products excludes 6.7oz and trial/travel (4/15)
Pantene $2/2 Products excludes 6.7oz and trial/travel (4/15)
Pepto .50/1 Product (4/29)
Prilosec $6/2 OTC 42ct products (4/15)
Puffs .25/1 Product excludes Single Puffs To Go Packs and trial/travel (4/29)
Secret $2/1 Clinical or Gillette Clinical 1.6oz or larger ets (4/15)
Secret $1/1 Secret, Old Spice OR Gillette AP/Deodorant 2.6oz or larger excludes Clinical and trial/travel (4/15)
Sine $1/1 Product ets (4/29)
Stiffer Buy One Starter Kit Get ONE Stiffer Refill FREE excludes all Duster Starter Kits and trial/travel (4/15)
Tampa $1/1 Pearl or Radiant Tampons 16ct or higher (4/15)
Tide $3/1 Tide Pods or Gain Flings, Downy Unstoppable, Downy Fresh Protect, Gain Fireworks, Bounce Bursts or Draft Blissful 19.5oz or higher ets (4/15)
Tide $2/1 Tide or Gain Detergent, Unstoppable Fabric Care Products, Downy Fresh Protect, Bounce Bursts, Draft Blissful or Gain Fireworks In-wash Scent Boosters. EXCLUDES Tide Pods, Tide Rescue, Tide Simply Clean & Fresh, Tide Simply Clean & Sensitive, Tide Detergent 10oz, Gain Fabric Enhancer, Gain Flings and trial/travel (4/15)
Venus $3/1 Razor or Venus/Daisy Disposable 2ct+ excludes Daisy2 2ct (4/29)
Vicks $1/1 Product excludes Sine, Vaporous, ZZZQuil and trial/travel size (4/29)
ZZZQuil $1/1 Product ets 

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