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CVS Extra Buck Deals & the Best to Roll Current ECB's Onto for the Weekly Ad of 9/11/2016 with Coupon Match-ups

Here are the coupon match ups for extra buck deals for the CVS weekly ad of September 11, 2016. 

These include the best CVS extra buck deals for rolling.  Each week I make a list of the extra buck deals that will use up the least extra bucks which makes them the best to roll current extra bucks onto.  These will usually be the simplest deals, not ones where you need several of one coupon to make it work.  They are listed in least ECBs "lost" to the most "lost" up to loosing $5 extra bucks.  They are not listed necessarily in order of the least extra bucks needed to do the transaction.

Some of the deals will be better if you have more than one of each coupon--but I always include just one insert or two printable coupons in my scenarios since that is what is available to the greatest number of readers.

(Clarification:  "Lost" is used to note how many extra bucks you will use up
on the deal--if you pay with a $5 extra buck and earn a $3 extra buck you've "lost" $2; some people refer to it as "burning" extra bucks).

Extra Buck Deals from CVS Weekly Ad of September 11, 2016

Lose $0.99
 Get $1 ECB wyb Select Colgate Optic White, Sensitive, Enamel Health toothpaste or manual toothbrush 1 ct. $3.99 Limit 2
$2/1 Colgate Optic White High Impact White, Total Daily Repair, Enamel Health or Sensitive Smart White toothpaste 3 oz. or larger (SS 9/11)

Get $1 ECB wyb Colgate Total mouthwash 500ml $3.99 Limit 2
$2/1 Colgate Mouthwash or Mouth Rinse (480 ml. or larger) (SS 9/11)

Lose $1.79
Get $2 ECB wyb Brookside pouches 5-7 oz $3.79 Limit 1

 Lose $2.74
Get $1.50 ECB wyb Crest Pro-Health, 3D White mouthwash 16-33.8 oz or Oral-B manual toothbrush multipacks (excludes Pulsar) $4.99 Limit 2

Lose $2.99
Get $2 ECB wyb Select Bic disposable razors 2-10 ct. $6.99 Limit 1
$2/1 Bic disposable razor pack (excludes trial size) (SS 9/11)

Get $2 ECB wyb Zantac150 24 ct., Zantac75 30 ct. or Duo Fusion 20 ct. $8.99 
Limit 1
$4/1 Zantac 24ct+  : PRINTABLE
This coupon is also available, but you would save less.
$3/1 Zantac regular 24ct+ or duo fusion 20ct+ product (SS 9/11)

Lose $4
Get $2 ECB wyb (2) Twizzlers Twists Snack Size 22 oz or Hershey's Snack Size 6.3-11.6 oz 2/$6 (or $3.99 each) Limit 1

Lose $5
Get $2 ECB wyb (2) Haagan-Dazs 14 oz or bars 3 ct. 2/$7 (or $4.39) Limit 1

Lose $5 or a little more
NOTE:  Since I don’t know the cost of the different items, I don’t know how much over $10 you may have to go, so I’m not sure if the coupons will bring it down below $5 or not.

Get $5 ECB wys $15 on any Maybelline cosmetics Limit 3
$1.00 off one Maybelline PRINTABLE
$2/1 Maybelline New York any Face Studio product or Master Contour V Shape Duo Stick (RP 9/11)
$2/1 Maybelline Superstay Better Skin Product (RP 8/26)
$3/1 Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara (RP 8/26)

Get $5 ECB wys $15 on any CoverGirl eye 
Limit 3
$1/1 Covergirl Product, exp. 9/24/16 (P&G 08/28/16) [Excludes accessories and trial; Limit 4]
$2/1 Cover Girl Lash Blast Mascara (excludes accessories and trial/travel size) (RP 9/11)
$1/1 Cover Girl Eyeliner or Eyebrow product (excludes accessories and trial/travel size) (RP 9/11)

Get $5 ECB wys $12 on any Sally Hansen cosmetics Limit 3
$1/1 Sally Hansen Miracle Gel product ($7.45 or more) (RP 9/11)
$1/1 Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Top Coat or Value Pack Only ($7.45 or more) (RP 9/11)

$1/1 Sally Hansen Nail Treatment or Beauty Tools priced $3.84 or higher (RP 7/24)

Get $3 ECB wys $10 on Nivea body wash 16.9 oz $4 
Limit 1
Select Nivea lotion or creme $6.49

$2/1 Nivea In Shower body lotion product 13.5 oz. (excludes 2.7 oz. trial/travel and gift sets) (SS 9/11)
$4/2 Nivea Body lotion, creme or oil products (2.6 to 21 oz.) excludes trial/travel size and gift sets (SS 9/11)
$1.50/1 Nivea Body lotion, creme or oil product 2.6 to 21 oz. (excludes trial/travel and gift sets) (SS 9/11)

Get $5 ECB wys $15 on Select L'Oreal Advanced Hair Care 2/$8 (or $4.25 each) Limit 1
$4/2 L’Oreal advanced haircare shampoo, conditioner or hairstyle products excluding 3oz (RP 9/11)

Get $5 ECB wys $10 on Crest Pro-Health toothpaste single, any Oral-B, Glide or CVS Health Floss Limit 2

“In the ballpark”
NOTE:  Since I don’t know the exact cost of these items in your store, I’m unsure how much ECB value you would lose to get them, but I think they’d be around $5 or less, so you may wish to check them out.

Get $1 ECB wyb one gallon milk Limit 2 *regional

Get $2 ECB wyb Garnier Whole Blends hair care Limit 1
$2/1 Garnier Whole Blends Shampoo, Conditioner or Treatment, exp. 9/17/16 (SS 08/21/16 R) [Excludes 40-oz., Banded packs and trial size]
$2/1 Garnier Whole Blends shampoo, conditioner or treatment (RP 9/11)

Get $3 ECB wyb Crest Complete, Pro-Health or 3D White toothpaste 2 pk. Limit 2

More than $5
These items will cost you more than $5 after ECBs, so may not be the "Best ECB Deals" for rolling ECBs, but if it's something you may be great, so here they are:

Get $5 ECB wys $15 on any of the Gold Emblem products listed : Limit 1
Gold Emblem trail mix 5-10 oz $2.99
Gold Emblem jerky 2.15-3.285 oz $4.99

Get $3 ECB wys $12 on Pledge 9.7 oz, Select Windex, Scrubbing Bubbles, Shout or ANY Glade (BOGO 50% OFF) 
Limit 1

Get $5 ECB wys $20 on these items : 
Limit 1
Cottonelle 18 roll $8.99
Scott bath tissue 12-18 roll $6.99
Scott paper towel 6 roll $5.49 
Select Kleenex 3/$4 (or $1.67 each)

$1.00 off one Scott PRINTABLE
$0.50 off one Cottonelle Toilet Paper PRINTABLE

Get $5 ECB wys $12 on any Rimmel cosmetics 
Limit 3
Get $10 ECB wys $30 on any Vichy or La Roche-Posay skin care 
Limit 1
$7.00 off one Vichy PRINTABLE

Get $10 ECB wys $30 on Enlite facial or body care 
Limit 1

Get $10 ECB wys $30 on any Neutrogena facial care (excludes trial/travel) 
Limit 1
$2/2 Neutrogena Product, exp. 9/18/16 (RP 07/24/16) [Excludes non-medicated shampoo, hair conditioner trial sizes, clearance products and bar soap]

Get $10 ECB wys $20 on Nexxus shampoo, conditioner or styler (exludes trial/travel) 
Limit 1

Get $10 ECB wyb any Crest 3D White Whitestrips 
Limit 2
$2.00 off ONE Crest 3D White Whitestrips PRINTABLE

Get $10 ECB wys $30 on any of the products listed : 
Limit 1
Pampers Easy Ups training underwear 19-26 ct. or any Jumbo Pk. Pampers $8.99
Super Pack Pampers 64-104 ct. $25.99
Select baby skin care, So Cozy, Johnson's or Aveeno baby care (BOGO 50% OFF)
$2.00 off ONE Pampers Cruisers Diapers PRINTABLE
Get $3 ECB wyb (2) Tena pads, underwear or guards (excludes 12 ct.) $11.99 
Limit 1
$3/1 Tena product any (not valid on trial sizes) (SS 9/11)
$5/1 Tena Overnight Underwear product (not valid on trial sizes) (SS 9/11)

Get $10 ECB wyb Select blood pressure monitors, pulse oximeters or wireless activity trackers 
Limit 2

Get $10 ECB wys $30 on Aleve 40-270 ct. or Select Bayer aspirin (BOGO 50% OFF) 
Limit 1
$1/1 Bayer aspirin 50 ct. or larger (SS 9/11)
$2/1 Bayer Aspirin 200 ct. or larger (SS 9/11)

Get $3 ECB wyb Olly gummy vitamins 25-90 ct. $14.99 
Limit 2

Get $10 ECB wyb (2) MiraLAX 30-45 doses 
Limit 3
$1/1 MiraLAX 10ct+ product (SS 9/11)
$3/1 MiraLAX product 30 dose+ (SS 9/11)

Get $5 ECB wyb Prilosec OTC 42 ct. $23.99 
Limit 3
$2.00 off ONE Prilosec OTC product PRINTABLE

Get $5 ECB wyb Zegerid 42 ct. $24.99 
Limit 3
$3/1 Zegerid  : PRINTABLE

Get $2 ECB wyb Opti-Free, Systane twin pk., Systane or GenTeal 25-30ml $15.99 
Limit 1
$1.50 off one Opti-free PRINTABLE
$3/1 Clear Care or Opti-Free, exp. 10/1/16 (SS 08/21/16 R) [10-oz.+]
$3/1 Systane Eye Drops, exp. 10/1/16 (SS 08/21/16 R) [5-ml.+]
$3/1 Genteal, exp. 10/1/16 (SS 08/21/16 R) [5-ml.+]

Thanks to Didie at WeUseCoupons for the coupon match-ups.

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