Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Free Greeting cards at CVS - week of 5/1/16

I wanted to be sure everyone knew about this chance to get free cards this week at CVS.  Go to the CVS website here and print the $3 off 3 Hallmark and/or $2 off 3 American Greeting cards coupon depending on which your local stores carry.  You should be able to print it twice on your computer, if you have more than one computer, you can print it twice for computer.

Go to your store and find the $0.99 section, and pick out three cards to add to your stash, and go check out.  If your store carries Hallmark it should just cost you tax (they'll have to price modify the coupon to $2.97, but normally that's no problem), American Greeting would be $0.97 + tax.  You should then get back an $3 ECB (Extra Care Bucks, you can use these to buy almost anything at CVS that you want).

In my store that carried Hallmark I could do this 3 times, so you could end up with $9 to spend on anything in the store for just the cost of tax on the greeting cards.

You can either use it on something else you want, or combine it with the coupon to buy more expensive cards, still for free.  Hope this helps someone!  If you read my other blog: Scribbling Sarah, you know how much I love sending mail!!!

NOTE:  If you don't get the ECB (which I didn't once, it didn't like one of the more expensive cards I got), check at the bottom of your receipt for something like this:

And show it to the clerk pointing out that you just bought 3 as the top of the receipt shows, and they should be able to print one for you.

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Thanks to MaryCoupon8 on WeUseCoupons for the info on this deal working in the areas that carry American Greeting cards.

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Stacey said...

This did not work at any of my local CVS stores. There was a sign posted in the card section that stated all cards in this deal had to be at least $1.99 and up.

Sarah said...

:( Sorry to hear that! My store didn't have any sign about it at all, I was just getting some to use the coupon and it printed on the $0.99