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How to Earn Free CVS Gift Cards thru Swagbucks 101: Part One: Quick & Free Activities

Swagbucks has become one of our favorite ways to earn free CVS gift cards for our out of pocket expenses at CVS.  The Swagbucks' site has changed a bit over the years and I think it is a little harder to earn than it used to be, but it is still very possible to earn a few or many dollars each month thru online activities.  They offer dozens of different major retailers' gift cards including:  Walmart, Ebay, Kmart, Amazon and Target but my favorite, of course, is the CVS gift card.

As you can see from the chart above there are dozens of ways to earn at Swagbucks.  I will be sharing them all in detail now and in future posts for those of you interested in finding a simple way to earn free gift cards to help with out of pocket costs at CVS. 

For doing online activities you earn points called SB.  One SB equals 1 cent.  Swagbucks has CVS gift cards as low as $5.00 (500 SBs).  They do offer $25.00 gift cards that can be purchased for just 2200 SB’s – if you save up for these, one SB will equal more than a penny.

Category #1:  Daily Quick & Free
  • Daily Poll
    • One question, multiple choice answer poll.
    • Earnings:  1 SB
    • Find link in left side bar on Swagbucks homepage.
    • Time:  3 seconds
  • Daily Offers—NOSO
    • Click Thru several offers (click “more deals”)
    • Be sure NOT to click SUBMIT or you will sign up for the offer--unless you want to sign up.
    • Enter three letter code at end
    • Earnings:  2 SB
    • Find link in left side bar on Swagbucks homepage.
    • Time:  10 seconds
  • Total Earnings Possible for Category #1
    • Daily:  3 SB
    • Weekly:  21 SB
    • Monthly: 90 – 93 SB
    • Yearly:  1095 SB – So by spending just a few seconds each day you could easily earn $10 a year towards your CVS shopping without doing anything further on Swagbucks. 

Category #2:  Quick & Free
  • SB Inbox Offers
    • On the top right side of the Swagbucks home page is your Swagbucks inbox.  When there are unopened messages there will be a number beside the box.  Click to open your inbox.
    • The messages will almost always be offers.
    • They vary from clicking on an article for one or two SB’s to signing up for free email offers for several SB’s to buying something to earn hundreds of SB’s.
    • I do the free and easy ones, like articles or quick videos or signing up for free offers where only an email is needed (be sure to get a junk email first).
    • Earnings:  varies but I average 15 SB’s a week
    • Time:  5 to 20 Seconds (unless there is a video to watch)
  • Search 
    • On the top left side of the Swagbucks home page is a box to type in what you want to search for.  Periodically throughout the day SB are rewarded for searching.  Before you leave Swagbucks for the day search once or twice.
    • Do NOT keep searching and searching – they ban users for that.  If you are going to win a SB you will usually win in the first three tries.
    • SB rewarded for search vary from 5 to 50 – I usually average about 7 (today I won 39).  I average two wins a week.
    • When you win most times you will have to enter a captcha code to receive the SB’s so stay on the page until the search is completed so you don’t miss it.
    • And by using the Swagbuck’s search engine throughout the day when you need to search for something on the internet you may earn SB’s.
    • Earnings:  varies but I average 15 SB’s a week
    • Time:  5 to 10 Seconds
  • Total Earnings Possible for Category #2 (these are my averages – but many more are possible)
    • Daily:   4 to 5 SB
    • Weekly:   28 to 35 SB
    • Monthly:  120 to 150 SB
    • Yearly:   1460 to 1825 SB – So by spending just a little more time each day you could easily earn an additional $14 to $18 a year towards your CVS shopping.

So you can see that with just a few seconds each day you can earn enough to help pay for some of your CVS out of pocket costs each year!  With more time spent you can earn hundreds each year.  We used to only earn CVS gift cards for our personal CVS shopping, but now we enjoy earning free gift cards for shopping to fill shoe boxes for kids in need (see our shoe box packing journey at Simply Shoe Boxes).

If you haven’t signed up for Swagbucks yet and you sign up thru the links in this post Sarah will earn when you earn.  These are her referral links and anyone who signs up under her account she will earn 10% of what they earn (on most activities).  I will share more ways to earn free gift cards thru Swagbucks in later posts.  By beginning with these daily free & quick ways you can become familiar with the Swagbucks’ website and see how easy it is for the SB’s to add up.

When I finish this Swagbucks 101 series you will be able to find all the posts by clicking this image:

Disclosure: Links in this post are my personal Swagbucks referral links.

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