Wednesday, March 2, 2016

CVS Deal Shopping Trip for 2/28/15 Ad ~ Saved 90%

I stopped by a couple of my local CVS store to take advantage of the fact their Valentine's clearance has gone to 90% general merchandise and 50% off food/candy.  I picked up items that will be packed in some Operation Christmas Child shoe box gifts next Christmas (other than the mug, which can't be sent due to being breakable, I'll send the stuffed animal and do something else with the mug).  We shop all year long to help us be able to pack dozens of boxes for kids in need. If you'd like to learn more about our shoe box gifts check out my other blog:  Simply Shoe Boxes.

Cash Paid:  $3.63  (before tax)

Amount Saved:  $33.33  or 90%

Extra Bucks Used:  $0

Extra Bucks Received:  $0

If you want more details on deals this week, be sure to check out the posts on this week's deals.  

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J Rodney said...

Ooh shark tatooes, what a great find!