Monday, October 5, 2015

CVS 90% Off Clearance Shopping Week of 10/4 for Operation Christmas Child Shoe Box Gifts ~ Saved $72

I had another week of fun CVS Clearance shopping for Operation Christmas Child shoe box gifts.  It's almost time to pack those boxes for children in need around the world.   As most of you know we shop all year long to be able to pack dozens of boxes for kids in need.  If you'd like to find more deals for packing shoe boxes check out my two favorite shoe box deal sites on Facebook:  Shoebox Shoppers and Clip With Purpose.

Here's what I got at 90% off:

Report Covers:  $ .09 to $ .15 each.  I will use most of these to make "Stationery Packets" as seen in
this post on my other blog.  I read once of children in orphanages whose siblings are in a different orphanage and if they have paper and envelopes they can write to one another.  One year my sister received a letter from a girl who received her box and she lived in an orphanage.  So I like to give stationery, a gift any girl could enjoy.  I like these cute designs and bright colors.

Notebooks:  $ .25
Mechanical Pencils:  $ .19
Puzzle Erasers:  $ .19
Book Cover:  $ .19

Notebooks:  $ .29
Pencil Pouch:  $ .39

Lunch Box Cooler:  $ .79
Dry Erase Board:  $ .49

I spent a total of $ 7.34  before tax and Saved a total of $ 72.12.

As I said, all of these items will be packed into some Operation Christmas Child shoe box gifts.  I used the free CVS Gift Cards I earn on Swagbucks to buy the items.

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