Tuesday, September 29, 2015

CVS 75% Off Clearance Shopping Week of 9/27 for Operation Christmas Child Shoe Box Gifts ~ Saved $87

Along with my CVS Deal Shopping Trip for the 9/27 ad, I had some fun Clearance shopping for Operation Christmas Child shoe box gifts.  It's quickly becoming time to pack those boxes for children in need around the world.   We shop all year long to be able to pack dozens of boxes for kids in need.  If you'd like to find more deals for packing shoe boxes check out my two favorite shoe box deal sites on Facebook:  Shoebox Shoppers and Clip With Purpose.

Here's what I got at 75% off (you can see more of what I found but didn't purchase at the end of the post):

Each item in the image above was just $.49 each.  The notebooks, even the large ones, are very
flexible (perfect for shoe box packing) and these plastic shoe boxes are just perfect to pack all the gifts in.  The little animals on the bottom right are water bottles -- many of the children who receive the boxes do not have easy access to clean water so these should help them be able to carry some with them.

Paper Clip & Binders:  $.99 each
Die Cut Notebooks:  $.25 each
Pencil Sharpeners:  $.25 each
Math Sets:  $1.24 each

I spent a total of $23.65 before tax and Saved a total of $87.

As I said, all of these items will be packed into some Operation Christmas Child shoe box gifts.  I used the free CVS Gift Cards I earn on Swagbucks to buy the items.  If you haven't joined yet, click this link to check out how to earn free CVS gift cards for your out of pocket expenses thru a post I wrote earlier.

Other Clearance Finds at my CVS today (remember, different CVS stores have different clearanced items and often at different times):

And they appear to be starting the clearance out much of the hose area, so keep an eye on your favorite brands!

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