Saturday, November 22, 2014

Thanksgiving week ad posts

I thought with all the deals/posts for Thanksgiving week.  So, I thought I'd make this post with links to all the posts for the week, so you can find it in one convenient location!

Pre-Black Friday four day ad ~ November 23-26 (Sun-Wed):

Black Friday ad ~ November 27-29 (Thur-Sat):

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Anonymous said...

I thought I read somewhere that if your CVS is not a 24 hour CVS the thanksgiving/black Friday deals will start Wednesday night. Does anyone know if that is true?

Sarah said...

I, too, have heard of some stores having early activation, but don't really know the details, or if it's still happening. Only thing I can really think to tell you is to go to the store and scan an item that is on sale in the Black Friday ad, but not the earlier one and see what price it is. And if it shows on sale, buy the cheapest deal you want from the ad, and if it works do the rest. Does anyone else have any experiences with this to share?