Monday, May 26, 2014

My CVS Deals' Shopping List for the Week of 5/25/2014

Here is my personal CVS deals shopping list for the weekly ad of May 25, 2014.  I have a very short list this week which works great for me because it is a busy week for our family.  My daughters are in charge of the end of the year AWANA awards ceremony for the kids and their families at church and this is the main week of preparation.  And since they shop for me, the short list will be super great timing.  But I'll still get in on some free Neutrogena soap and Crest Pro-health mouthwash as well as a good sale on ginger-ale for my mom (she drinks it everyday so we try to keep her stocked up on sales).

A shopping list for CVS is more of a battle plan, once you are in the store you never know what will happen. You may get a good scanner coupon, they may be out of products or any number of things can go wrong.  But I always make a plan...and "I love it when a plan comes together"...but there are times when I am reminded that CVS shopping is often either "The Thrill of Victory and the Agony of Defeat."

You can check out my $5 CVSing for Sharing Challenge Shopping List to see how I plan to get toothpaste, cereal & candy all for under $5.

Beginning Extra Bucks:  $15 ($4 & $6 from last week and a $5 Beauty Club Extra Buck)

Ending Extra Bucks:  $13 ($8 from this week and the $5 Beauty Club Extra Bucks leftover)

Transaction #1:
Buy: 3 -- Neutrogena Facial Bars @ $3.29 each get $10 Extra Bucks (CVS monthly deal)
Roll $10 extra bucks from last week.

Transaction #2:

Buy:  2 -- Crest Pro-Health 1 liter @ $4.99 each get $4.00 Extra Bucks each
Use:  2 -- of these printable coupons:
$1.00 off ONE Crest ProHealth Rinse 1L or Larger

Buy: 1 -- Canada Dry 2 liter bottle 99¢ - CVS Scanner Coupon = 69¢

Buy:  2 -- Canada Dry 2 liter bottle 99¢

Use $10 extra buck from transaction #1 and $.65

Filler Items:  (Sometimes I get a scanner coupon to match with a deal on my list so I like to have in expensive filler items ready in case my extra bucks exceed the total due of what is on my list.)
Palmolive 10 oz 99¢
Canada Dry 2 liter bottle 99¢

Approximate Out of pocket:  $ .65  I will be paying with the FREE $5.00 CVS Gift Card I earned online.  So out of my cash budget $0

I shop on Tuesdays and wait until Monday to make my list to see what coupons I get.  I buy two papers and often receive extras from gals who work with my husband.

What's on your CVS shopping list this week?  If you don't have one yet, check out Sarah's $5 & $10 out of pocket CVS scenarios for the weekly ad of 5/25 for some ideas.

You can easily find all of the current CVS deals by clicking the corresponding week's tab under the Simply CVS banner above.

I'll be posting my actual shopping trip Tuesday afternoon which will include a linky for you all to share your shopping trip posts in or leave a comment letting us know what deals you got.  You can also check out these past CVS shopping trips if you'd like to.

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