Thursday, May 29, 2014

Memories of CVS Soy Joy Deals ~ Throwback Thursday 5/29/2014 @ Simply CVS

Who remembers the great CVS Soy Joy Deals of the past?  I remember reading deal forums and people talking about the dozens they got free at CVS and what they were doing with them.  Many people loved them, but just as many hated them...some were feeding them to the birds.

We didn't like them, but took advantage of the deal and donated them to my mom and the food pantry.  Below is just one of the many Soy Joy deals of 2010.

April Monthly Extra Bucks Deal on Soy Joy, Originally Published at Simply CVS on April 5, 2010

CVS has a month long deal on Soy Joys thru April 30.  The deal is buy 4 Soy Joy bars and receive $2.00, Limit 5 deals.  Here is a shot of the shelf tag I saw today:

The bars on the shelf were ringing up at $.70 each on clearance.  I have seen others reporting theirs were at $.67.  You can check yours at the scanner to be sure what the price is.

There is a current coupon for buy 2 get 1 free found in the SmartSource insert from 3/14.  Here is how that coupon can help you save more and actually turn this into a money making deal...well, a change making deal, it's not much, but at least free.

Prices indicate net out of pocket after receiving the extra bucks and based on $.70 each.

buy 4 use 1 coupon pay $.10

buy 8 use 2 coupons pay $.20

buy 12 use 4 coupons make $.40 on the deal

buy 16 use 5 coupons make $.30 on the deal

buy 20 use 6 coupons make $.20 on the deal

buy 21 use 7 coupons make $.20 on the deal

Remember, by ringing them all up at once you will receive one extra buck--$2 for each deal so $10 if you do all 5 deals at once.

This is supposed to be listed in the April book but I did not find one today.

Happy CVSing!

Throwback Thursday:  Simply CVS began on April 4, 2010.  Many CVS tutorial posts have been published over the past four plus years that can benefit current CVS shoppers and especially any new CVSers reading Simply CVS today.  For this reason we are beginning Throwback Thursdays here to republish these helpful posts.  We will also periodically throw in a post of how CVSing "used to be."

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