Thursday, May 1, 2014

Memories of CVS Freebies' Days ~ Throwback Thursday 5/1 @ Simply CVS

Who remembers when the CVS coupon scanner used to provide free products each week?  And often everyday of the week you visited CVS the coupons printed again!  As they say, "those were the days!"
I loved it as it always provided extra items for my CVS Shopping Charity Chest.  Check out this earlier post:

CVS Scanner Bonanza ~ Free Items,  Originally Published at Simply CVS on April 5, 2010.

On my CVS shopping trip today I scanned my mom's and my own extra bucks cards and we received some coupons that made for some nice freebies.

Each card scanned this week will receive the following each day they are scanned:

$1 off any CVS Paper product
$1 off any CVS skin care product

You can get a .99 tube of hand cream found in the CVS brand travel size section and sometimes hanging near the front register free with the $1 off any CVS skin care.  Also in the CVS brand travel section is a two pack of tissues for .99 also 
free with the CVS paper product coupon.  With CVS coupons you don't even have to pay tax.

We both got a CVS coupon for a free package of Poise and my mom got a free Absolutely Divine large candy bar coupon.

So scan your cards if your store has a scanner. If not when you check out you may get the Poise and candy but will not get the CVS ones, they only come at the scanner.  And be sure to scan your card until the two CVS product coupons print as they will print last.

Happy CVSing!

Throwback Thursday:  Simply CVS began on April 4, 2010.  Many CVS tutorial posts have been published over the past four plus years that can benefit current CVS shoppers and especially any new CVSers reading Simply CVS today.  For this reason we are beginning Throwback Thursdays here to republish these helpful posts.  We will also periodically throw in a post of how CVSing "used to be."

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