Friday, May 23, 2014

Excited to Cash in Swag Bucks for Free CVS Gift Card Today ~ Are You Earning with Swagbucks?

Free gift cards with swagbucks
500 Swag Bucks = one $5 CVS gift card!  Time to cash in.
$5 CVS eGift Card from SwagbucksI had a great morning on Swagbucks!  I received a $5 CVS e-gift card I had ordered last week and also reached my 500 Swag Bucks goal to order another one!  I just had to share with you all in case you aren't earning yet and would like to.  It is simple and free! With just a few minutes each day I easily Earn $10 in Free CVS Gift Cards from Swagbucks Monthly (often times more).  You can earn much more if you want to spend the time.  It really helps with the out of pocket expense at CVS.

Do you earn free CVS or other gift cards with online activities at Swagbucks?  What's your favorite gift card to earn? If you aren't earning yet,  sign up today and try it.  It's free, and if you don't like it you can just stop; but if you do enjoy it, you can get some free gift cards.  Happy Swagging!

DisclosureLinks in this post are my referral link.  When you choose to sign up under me at Swagbucks I earn 10% of what you earn. 

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