Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Earning Money for College While Shopping at CVS thru Upromise

Upromise makes it easy to increase your savings while shopping CVS deals by adding to your college fund--and it couldn't be easier. Check out the details below of how just shopping with your CVS extra care card can help pay for college.

I received an email from a Simply CVS reader asking me to do a post about how you can earn money with your CVS Extra Care Card thru Upromise. It's easy: just join Upromise and register your CVS and other shopping loyalty cards. Here are the details. 

Many national brands will put a percentage of your purchase price in your Upromise account when you buy them with a registered store loyalty card (CVS and many other drug and grocery stores participate). You will receive 1-3% back on qualifying purchases from thousands of participating brands (you can find the complete list of brands on their website). 

Upromise offers monthly electronic coupons you can attach to your cards that will add even more into your account when you purchase the item (you can use regular coupons, too, for the same product) Some of the brands sold at CVS include:

  • Elmer's 
  • Domino 
  • Nestle 
  • Bic 
  • Hefty
  • Bounty 
  • Charmin 
  • Krazy Glue 
For each item purchased you will only receive pennies perhaps, but together they add up over the months and you can then choose to invest them in a 529 college savings plan, pay down college debt, or request a check to pay for college expenses. 

There are other ways to easily earn more in your Upromise account. 
  • Shop Online thru Upromise -- Get 1%-25% back from eligible purchases at more than 600 online retailers 
  • Eat at participating restaurants -- Get up to 8% back from more than 8,000 resaurants using a registered credit or debit card I
  • nvite family & friends -- your family and friends can register at Upromise, register their cards and accept your invitation for their earnings be transferred to your account (an easy way for grandparents to help pay for a grandchild's college) 
  • Attach coupons to your cards. The amounts will be added to your Upromise account. And if you happen to have small children, by the time they are ready for college you could have quite a bit saved up. 
So if you are interested, click on the banner, sign up (it's all free) and register your CVS extra care card and other grocery store loyalty cards and begin automatically earning with Upromise. 

Click the banner below to find additional saving opportunities on your CVS shopping trips.

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