Tuesday, May 6, 2014

CVS Scanner Printing and Other Coupons Found the Week of 5/4/14

Here are the CVS scanner coupons we received the week of May 4, 2014 and other coupons we found in the store.  These CVS coupons often coincide with upcoming CVS deals, so hang onto any you don't use this week.  They can be combined with manufacturer coupons for an even bigger savings--often making "money" on the deal.  
They have various expiration dates so be sure to look at each one.  If you received anything different please leave a comment letting others know.  It helps to know what you might be getting.

So I walk into my local CVS this morning and swipe my CVS ExtraCare Card through the Scanner and THIS is what I see:

Oh dear. Not Good!

After dutifully alerting my Associate, it was discovered that the Scanner is out of commission and will be fixed shortly, but, unfortunately, not shortly enough for me to swipe my card again on this shopping trip.  Very Not Good. I did, however, have several coupons print out when I checked out at the register, so I will report on those. I will try to pop into CVS again at some point this week to see if I can get anything else.

Coupons Everyone Should Get (sometimes they are regional--check your ad): (But I did not this week, because my scanner is not working, so I am going on other reports here.)

$5/$20 Fragrance (excludes clearance)

$2/2 M&M (I think this is supposed to be Pretzel M&M's)

Other Coupons We Received:

$4/$20 Liquid Nutrition, Protein, Bars or Diet Supplements (I am excited about this one, as I will need some Boost for my Grandmama very soon!!!)

$4/$20 Eye Care

$2/$10 Advil, Aleve, Bayer, Excedrin or CVS Pain Relievers

$2 off ALL Bengay

$2 off Any Caress Soap or Body Wash

B1G1 FREE Lever 2000 (8 Bar)

$2/$10 Deodorant 

Buy 3 Hallmark Cards, Get 1 Free (up to $2.50)

$3/$10 Purchase of Any CVS Brand Diapers - (NOTE: Week of 5/11 there will be an ECB Deal for $4 ECB Back on $10 ANY CVS Baby items.  This would work Great on that deal.)

Other Coupons I found at CVS Today:

$1/1 Adult Listerine Mouthwash 1L or larger (excludes Whitening Rinses) Found in Mouthwash aisle by the Listerine Display - a little box of fliers.

B1G1 FREE Peelies stuck onto Sheba Canned Cat Food (price was 77¢ a can at my store) In the Pet Aisle.

Peelies on several Neutrogena Naturals products.

What else did you get? 

Remember to scan your card until it says you have received all the coupons available to you today.  The coupons are often based on past purchases or brand new products.  They often coincide with upcoming CVS weekly deals if they are not on special this week.

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