Tuesday, April 8, 2014

My ONE Dollar CVS Shopping Trip for the Week of 4/6/2014 ~ Saved $75.84

I had another great week of savings at CVS this week on products we need...but it took a toll on my extra bucks:  I began with $20 ECBs and ended with $10, but I was able to keep my out of budget spending down which is my main goal.  I got a couple bargains for my mom, who lives with us:  her daily Boost & Ginger-ale.  And after the winter my Kleenex shelf is looking bare, so I took advantage of that extra buck deal that included All.  I also picked up a rain check for some more razors at B1G1 50% as I had more coupons but they had none in stock.

My favorite item from today?  A little love!  I have shopped this same CVS store for several years.  The past 18 months or so I have not been physically able to shop (Sarah does it for me) and the clerks & managers periodically send me a hello message.  Today the manager called those working to the front and took a picture of them all smiling, developed it while Sarah shopped, tucked it in an envelope and sent home to me.  They put a message on the picture:  WE MISS YOU!  No extra buck deal can top that!  ~ Cheryl

What I paid:

I needed to do two transactions to keep my out of pocket cost down by rolling the extra bucks from the first transaction onto the second.   I color
coded the two transactions, but combined them into one spreadsheet.
Note:  the 75 cent Gingerale coupon should be in the CVS coupon column.

At one time I was what I would call a "Committed CVS Shopper."  I spent time so I could get dozens of deals each week worth hundreds of dollars for just pennies on the dollar.  But times change and currently with my limited time I can only handle being a "Carry Over CVS Shopper," using my extra bucks earned one week on the next week's deals.  But I still find ways to save big on necessities for my family.  You may enjoy reading the five CVS Shopper Personalities and see which you are or which you may want to become.

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Anonymous said...

Hi. That is great what the workers at your CVS did. I have to tell you, that made me smile and a little tear just went down my cheek. If others could just do a little something like that, the world would be a better place. I hope you are doing better. I too, have a chronic illness and I miss a lot of my deals at CVS. Our town in Selma, Al. just built a new one a little closer to me. They are all very friendly there too. OK now I have 3 favorite companies/stores. They are CVS, Publix and Chic-Fil-A. Lisa R

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Hi, Lisa! So sorry to hear you, too, suffer from chronic illness...hard to understand and hard to live with. Yes, it really made my day when they sent that. And the one gal told my oldest daughter that day, "your mom is the sweetest, nicest person I have ever met." That meant so much to me. Hopefully I get stronger and can once again shop at my CVS home!