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CVS Shopping Terms to Know ~ Throwback Thursday 4/24 @ Simply CVS

One of the first things I shared at Simply CVS was this list of CVSing terms.  Many of these are unknown to new couponers and learning them will make it easier for them to start saving.
CVS Shopping Terms,  Originally Published at Simply CVS on April 4, 2010.

Terms To Know
Below is a list of common terms and abbreviations used by seasoned CVSers.  You will understand the deal posts on Simply CVS better if you "learn the lingo."

$/$$ - Dollar amount off total order dollar amount (like $5/30 is $5 off total order of $30) 
BOGO or B1G1 – Buy one get one free 
CRT - Cash Register Tape
CS - Customer Service (1-800-SHOPCVS)
CVSing - shopping at CVS and saving
ECB - Extra Care Buck - the coupon at the bottom of the CVS receipt earned for
certain purchases that can be spent almost just like a gift card
Extra Buck - Extra Care Buck (see ECB above)
FAECB - free after extra bucks; a sale item that you earn the same amount of extra bucks you paid
Filler- an item to be thrown in a transaction to utilize the whole extra buck
Internet Printable – a coupon printed from the internet
IP – internet printable coupon
Mail in Rebate – a form to mail in to receive some or all of your purchase price back
MIR - Mail In Rebate
MM - Money Maker
Money Maker - an item you buy that you pay less for than you get back in extra bucks (like a free after extra buck item that you have a coupon for--you don't really "make money" but you get more extra bucks to spend later than you paid for the item)
OOP - Out of Pocket-Cash
Out of Pocket - Cash that you pay above extra bucks and coupons
P&G - Proctor and Gamble Insert coupon from the Sunday paper
Peelie – a coupon on a product that can be peeled off and used on that purchase
Q - Coupon
Raincheck - a "coupon" written by the cashier for an item at the sale price that is out of stock to be used to purchase the item at the sale price whenever the customer chooses when it is back in stock
RC - Rain Check
Rolling Extra Bucks - using an extra buck on an item that will give an extra buck back
RP - RedPlum Coupon Insert from the Sunday Paper
SS - SmartSource Coupon Insert from the Sunday Paper
Stockpile - a person's stock at home of non-perishable necessary items
Stockpiling - having a stock at home of non-perishable necessary items
WYB- When You Buy

Happy CVSing!

Throwback Thursday:  Simply CVS began on April 4, 2010.  Many CVS tutorial posts have been published over the past four plus years that can benefit current CVS shoppers and especially any new CVSers reading Simply CVS today.  For this reason we are beginning Throwback Thursdays here to republish these helpful posts.  We will also periodically throw in a post of how CVSing "used to be."

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