Tuesday, April 22, 2014

CVS Clearance Items Spotted the Week of 4/20/2014

Below are images of the CVS Clearance Deals we found in our local CVS store the week of  April 20, 2014.  Clearance percentages often vary from store to store and often the signage is not updated with the current % off.  To be sure what you will be paying for an item scan it for a price check at the CVS coupon scanner machine.
CVS clearance sales are a great way to add to your CVS savings.  Matched with coupons, both manufacturer and from the CVS scanner, there are some great deals to be had.

50 % OFF:

  • Designer Imposters' Raw Power Body Spray
  • Turbie Towel by Turbie Twist
  • Conair Black Bobby Pins
  • Goody Mini Spin Pins and Goody Flower Spin Pin
  • Scunci Charm Ponytail Holder for Hair or Wrist
  • Scunci No -Slip Grip Snap Barette
  • Scunci Head Wrap
  • Several Selected Varieties of  Nature's Way Herbal Supplements
  • Several Selected Varieties of Sundown Naturals Vitamins
  • CVS Brand Gentle Laxative Suppositories
  • CVS Brand Flavor Chews Antacid
  • TUMS Extra Strength Sugar Free
  • CVS Brand Sugar Free Antacid Tablets
  • CVS Brand Active Lifestyle Chewable Probiotic
  • CVS Brand Postnatal Probiotic
  • PreparationH Medicated Wipes
  • Easter Baskets
  • PAAS Egg Dye
  • Easter Eggs
  • Assorted Easter Candy - including Reese's, Jelly Beans, M&M, Snickers, and probably some others I missed
  • Purina Busy Chewnola - Also $1 off two Peelie on package!
  • Ultimate Flora Daily Care Probiotic

75% OFF:

  • Safecare+ PMS Symptom Formula
  • Neocell Beauty Bursts Gourmet Collagen Soft Chews
  • CVS Brand DHA Prenatal Supplement
  • CVS Brand Specravite Liquid Supplement
  • Swisse Supplements
  • Essance of Beauty Eau de Parfum Spray "Cool Rain" and "Sensual Night"
  • CVS Brand Nutritional Shake
  • Green Coffee Bean Supplement - Sorry I missed the Brand Name
  • Cardioviva Natural Health Probiotic

For a quick tutorial on CVS clearance check out this earlier post:  CVS Clearance 101.

Remember, as posted earlier, that CVS clearance items may not count towards extra buck deals.

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