Saturday, April 19, 2014

Cereal & Toothpaste to Donate: My $5 CVSing for Charity Challenge Shopping Week of 4/13/2014: $18.96 Total

This is the first week in my $5 CVSing for Charity Challenge. I was excited that the $3/3 printable coupon for cereal was available.  Our church has a food pantry and they are in desperate need of cereal and $1.50 is the top price I try to pay for it.

$.00 1 - Colgate Toothpaste:  $3.00 sale, less $.50 manufacture coupon, less $2.50 CVS scanner coupon.

$4.50 3 - Kellogg's Cereal:  $2.50 each sale, less $3 off 3 Kellogg's Cereal Printable coupon

Total Retail Price of Products:  $18.96

Total Paid (includes tax):  $ 4.79

Total Savings:  $14.46 (76%)
Week #1 of CVSing for Charity $5 Shopping Challenge
Destination:  Church Food Pantry for cereal and an Ohio ministry my father-in-law helps run for the toothpaste.  My Father-in-law is coming for Easter weekend and I will be letting him take any of the items in my charity chest that he can use in his charity service work back in Ohio.  He is an amazing example of helping others in need.  Even into his eighties he puts hours in each week of heavy, physical work to lend a helping hand.  I love to have things on hand to share with him when he comes for a visit and to be a small part of his work.

My $5 CVSing for Charity Challenge is much like my $50 CVS Gift Card Challenge, but with a bit of different twist.  I will be budgeting $5 each week total for shopping at CVS for items to donate to local or global charities.

About my Charity Chest:  One of my favorite things about deal shopping is having more to share with others.  Not only can I get great things with coupons and CVS extra bucks, but by saving on my own budget I have more cash to share, too.  So whenever I can get a fantastic deal on an item that my family does not need I pick it up and tuck it away in my Charity Chest until I find someone who needs it.   Another way I have more to give is by earning free CVS gift cards thru Swagbucks.  I have been able to give thru local charities and my own church as well as thru national ministries like Operation Christmas Child.  ~ Cheryl

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