Monday, April 28, 2014

$20 Mail In Rebate Form on Allergy Products ~ Great for CVS Shopping [Expires 5/25]

Here is a current mail in rebate form we've found the week of April 27, 2014 good for Products to Treat and Soothe Allergies all of which are sold at CVS.  You will receive a $20 Visa Gift Card! (They do specify while supplies last - so you may want to hurry!)  See details below:

This sounds like a wonderful deal for allergy sufferers like me!  It looks especially attractive after I have been sneezing and blowing all day.  I also really like a rebate that offers so many choices.

You Must Purchase: (It does specify All on One Receipt)

2 Treat Products: (List is pictured)
Tylenol Sinus
Children's Zyrtec
Sudafed PE
Children's Sudafed PE
Children's Benadryl

1 Soothe Product: (Again, I am listing what is pictured)
Neosporin Eczema Essentials
Arm & Hammer Simply Saline

Buy Products
Print & Fill Out the FORM
Send: Form, Receipt, & UPC's
Expires:  5/25/2014

This series of rebates posts is to help you be able to take advantage of saving even more while shopping at CVS.  Many shoppers use the cash they earn from rebates to pay their CVS out of pocket costs virtually making their shopping trips free.  

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