Monday, November 25, 2013

Pre-Black Friday shopping trip

I went to CVS today and was able to get all the items pictured free after ECBs (if you haven't yet checked out the deals for the first half of the week, be sure to check out our Pre-Black Friday~11/24-11/27 posts).  I wanted to give you a couple reminders:

  1. For products your store regularly caries (some of the deals are on special one time items), that are out of stock, remember to ask for rain checks.  Mom wrote a post on how to use rain checks, so check it out if you need more info. 
  2. Check the limits on your receipt to be sure some haven't been increased.  I, personally, was able to get an extra Sparkle Paper Towel.  Also, the Gum limit seems to have gone up to 3, but you can only get credit for the 3rd, if you check it out separately from the other 2.  Also the Kraft Mac & Cheese limit is being reported as going up to 2.  But some people don't seem to be getting the increased ones, so your best bet is just to check the bottom of your receipt before you leave the store, and if it doesn't say "Offer Limit Reached" by the deal in question, you should be able to get another one.
Happy Shopping & Saving!!!!

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