Wednesday, August 14, 2013

$10 Free Sign Up Bonus for ThredUp: Shop for Inexpensive, Gently Used, Women's & Children's Clothing Online

While Sarah is on Vacation this week she offered to let me post a frugal shopping idea for you CVS deal shoppers with young children to shop for (or a lady--they recently began offering women's clothing).  Buying clothing second hand thru ThredUp is an economical way to clothe your child (or yourself), and with a FREE $10 sign up bonus you can try it for the cost of shipping alone.

Sign up for ThredUp and receive a $10 bonus sign up credit to spend at their site.  Shipping is $2.99 for one piece--so you can choose an item for $10 or less and pay just $2.99.  Or you can choose $50 or more of items, get a $10 discount and free shipping.

I learned about ThredUp thru Frugality Is Free, a frugal living blog.  FrugalMom, the blog author, buys lots of clothes thru ThredUp for her little girl and pays very little for like new, name brand clothing.

Below is a recent purchase of hers (you can see all of her ThredUp
purchases in her blog posts:  ThredUp Discount Shopping.

20 outfits = $58.05 before discounts
20 outfits = 
$7.61 after all discounts
12 mo – Carter’s Tank Top/Sleeveless Top $2.49
12 mo – Carter’s One Piece Outfit $2.49
12 mo – Vitamin Kids Tank Top/Sleeveless Top With Shorts And Hat $2.99
12 mo – Cherokee Dress  with bloomers $3.49
12 mo – BT Kids Dress $3.49
12 mo – Joe Fresh Dress $3.49
12 mo – Carter’s Dress $3.49
18 mo – Children’s Place Dress $3.49
18 mo – Carter’s Dress $3.49
18 mo – Carter’s Dress $3.49
18 mo – Carter’s Dress $3.49
18 mo – Carter’s Tank Top/Sleeveless Top With Shorts $2.99
18 mo – Sand N Sun One Piece Bathing Suit info $2.49
18 mo – Children’s Place Tank Top/Sleeveless Top $2.49
18 mo – BT Kids One Piece Bathing Suit $2.49
24 mo – Penelope Mack One Piece Bathing Suit $3.99
24 mo – Sweet Heart Rose Dress $3.49
24 mo – Wonder Kids Dress With Bloomers $3.49
24 mo – Blueberi Boulevard Dress $3.49
24 mo – Blueberi Boulevard Dress $3.49


Shipping & Handling FREE (on orders of $40+)
-$6.25 from 10 percent discount code 

Used $50.44 in ThredUp savings – (You Get $10 if you sign up for ThredUp here, and I do too, if you use your $10 sign up bonus.)

Order Total $7.61 (Paid with Paypal)

Even without the ThredUp savings, the amount of clothing that I got for my money was amazing. I got 20 outfits for $58.05 before discounts, and many of the dresses even came with bloomers. This is a final price of $2.90 per item, which is less than the regular price of a second-hand dress at my local thrift store, and at the thrift store the selection is limited, plus it is rare to find like-new clothing there. If I had bought all of the above pieces as new, I would likely have paid around $250 – $300. The two beautiful Blueberi Boulevard Dress would have cost me around $50 at Kohl’s at regular price, and even on clearance Blueberi Boulevard Dresses only make it to as low as $14 each.

So if you like name brand clothing, don't mind dressing your children or yourself in like new, second hand clothing and would like $10 of free clothing, sign up and try ThredUp today.  Then if you love it, you can share it with your friends and earn $10 credits for those whom you refer when they sign up and shop. can also sell your used, name brand clothing there, too!

Happy Shopping!  ~ Cheryl

Disclosure:  This post contains FrugalMom's referral links. If you sign up to get the $10 bonus and use it, she, too, will receive a $10 bonus to ThredUp for dressing her own kids.


Anonymous said...

Great concept, awful execution

I did try them as a seller. The worst customer service experience of my life!!

I sent a bag of 70+ items. I cleaned out my storage of nice clothing that I was saving. 10 pieces even had tags.(Bergdorfs, Saks, Quicksilver)
$5 is all I received, and they lost some of my clothes which they still have not made right.

A complete waste of 2 months of frustrating emails as they hid behind technology and will never ever give you a live person despite constant inquiries and a compliance issue pending on their behalf.
I even copied owner and Board of Directors, and no response. If its not about the customer, who is it about?

Donate to your charity of choice , not them.
They make pretty technology, but the customer is not important.

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Sorry you had such a bad experience. I know FrugalMom has received a couple of items that she didn't feel were up to standard and they quickly refunded her money or sent her another item. She has had great customer satisfaction in ordering and in contacting them with problems.

louloula said...

Also, save 35% off your entire first order at + get free shipping with code KPC35 ---hope this helps someone! :)