Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Year to date savings at CVS

We've reached the half-way point of the year, so it seemed a good time to review how savings at CVS are going this year.  If you're like most people you've either wondered yourself or been asked if you actually save that much money doing coupons or shopping at CVS.  Well, if you simply did either the $5 or $10 scenarios each week here's the totals for so far this year (assuming you saved the left over ECBs from one week to use the next):

$5 Scenario (24 weeks)
TOTAL CASH:  $62.23 + tax
MERCHANDISE VALUE:  $227.05 sale priced

$10 Scenario (25 weeks)
TOTAL CASH:  $183.23 + tax
MERCHANDISE VALUE:  $537.29 sale priced

Note:  the value of the items are sale prices, so that cover any additional regular price at CVS over another store or off brand of the product.  And these transactions are pretty simple to do-just a few coupons to cut and/or print and check out a few times, no calculations for you.  If you haven't tried 'CVSing' yet, I'd encourage you to got to this week's $5 & $10 Scenarios and pick one to try out.  Or read our Beginners CVS Page, it should have all the info you need to get started  (if not, just ask) saving big at CVS!

And if you do shop at CVS, congratulations on all you save!  I'd love for you to comment with the "Year-to-date" savings amount listed on your receipt! 


Anonymous said...

Over $800.00

Anonymous said...

Spent 44.09, saved 69.83 = 61% savings
I just started cvsing this past month and make some rookie mistakes! I got a little gungho about chasing too many bargains at decent prices. But now I have a wonderful small but growing stockpile (why did I EVER pay for toothpaste?!) I also averaged in the cost of my newspapers everyweek so that hurt my average just a tad (since I don't have a subscription). However, I have set a new savings goal for next month and will just try to do even better!

Anonymous said...

Gosh! I have lost count. I have bought well over $600 merchandise, have $80 ecb still available to spend and my actual oop has been less than $140.
I am a CVS Couponer now for life.....lol