Thursday, April 11, 2013

Changes at Simply CVS: Passing the Torch

I have been sharing CVS deals and teaching how to save at CVS online for over four years now, the last three here at Simply CVS.  CVSing has changed since I began as has my life.  I have made the decision to step down from blogging at Simply CVS and my daughter Sarah has offered to continue bringing you the basic weekly posts we have been providing over the past year.

About a year ago I wrote the following posts as I changed the direction of Simply CVS; they explain both a little of the history and what we hope to accomplish here.

So you can be assured of Sarah bringing you the same information I have been providing over the past year.  And I want to thank you all for keeping me company over the past three years here at Simply CVS and CVSing with me!

On a personal note I am currently spending my spare time on my new passion:  sewing pillowcase style dresses for little girls in crisis around the world.  Below is a short post I wrote about it on my blog Simply Shoe Boxes.

I have discovered a wonderful organization that collects pillowcase dresses for girls in crisis.  Just my thing--sewing for children in need.  Look at these images of girls before and after receiving their new dresses from Dress A Girl Around The World and you will see why I am excited to join them.

Dress A Girl Around The World’s [DAG] goal is to provide dignity and protection to young girls in crisis situations while letting them know they are loved.  Their website says there are many “girls who live in a society where they have no value—where they are used as slaves—where they are abused and preyed upon and no one considers this to be unspeakable injustice.  By providing a new dress you may well be changing a young girl’s destiny. Village pastors tell us that a girl wearing a new dress presents an appearance that she is well cared for and may discourage would-be predators.”
I also have been working with a local craft/fabric store to promote the dresses and helping others find fun in making these delightful dresses for delightful girls all over the glob.

So I have been sewing away--here are a few of my recent "designs."

You can find out more at and Sew Delightful, a blog written by the Washington State Representative.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for all you have done! Your blog was one of the very first ones I followed when I started couponing (about 2 years ago now). I have really enjoyed following your blog and copying the many deals you have posted over the years! Thank you again for getting me into couponing and teaching me many, many tricks for shopping at CVS!

The dresses you're making are such a great idea! :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all u have taught everyone!! When I first started couponing at CVS this was the first place I stumbled upon and fell in love! Thank you for helping me and good luck with everything you do in the future!!!!!

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

So glad you both have found the blog helpful! And that you both enjoy CVSing!

Thank you for the well wishes.

Anonymous said...

Have you thought about selling some to people in the united states and using that money to fund your project? People like me(cannot sew) would love to purchase some and help out i'm return.

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Actually, I am selling 18" doll dresses like these--"Dress A Doll, Dress A Girl." Then I use that money to make a dress for a little girl and help to send them to the destinations. But I don't have much time beyond keeping up with the ones for donating yet and am only selling the doll dresses locally.

But I may, in the future, try what you say and sell finished girl dresses for donations towards making and sending more. Thanks for the comment.