Monday, November 19, 2012

Share Your CVS Shopping Trip for the Back Friday Ads of 11/18 and 11/22/2012

Did you pick up any good deals from the CVS Black Friday Ads?  We'd love to hear about your shopping trip.

If you blog about your shopping trip I'd love for you to put a link to your post (a link back would be appreciated, but is not necessary); and if you don't blog please leave a comment below letting us know what you got.  I really enjoy seeing what others get and it is a great way for new shoppers to learn how to CVS.  I learned from reading and reading and reading what others did. I am still learning!

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    Anonymous said...

    I did a total of five transactions. The percentages saved include the ECB received after the purchase. The totals include tax.

    Transaction 1:

    Kraft M&C Single
    Pay .99 Get .99 ECB

    Thermacare Heat Wrap
    Pay 3.49 Get 3.49 ECB

    Advil 10ct
    Pay 2.99 Get 2.99 ECB

    Pay 1.00 Get 1.00 ECB

    Pay 1.00 Get 1.00 ECB

    Charmin Single Roll
    Pay .99 Get .99 ECB

    Schick SHV Gel 8.4oz
    Use .75/1 (SS 11/18)
    Pay 3.54 Get 2.00 ECB

    Spend 14.38 Get 12.46 ECB % Saved 90

    Transaction 2:

    Playtex 36ct
    Pay 7.99 Get 4.00 ECB
    Use 1/1 (Peel Coupon)

    Playtex 18ct
    Pay 5.29
    Free with SS BOGO 11/18)

    Easy Feet
    Pay 4.99 Get 4.99 ECB

    Use 12.46 ECB from Trans 1
    Spend .81 Get 8.99 ECB % Saved 206

    Transaction 3

    Pay .88 Get .88 ECB

    Powerade 32oz
    Pay 1.00 Get 1.0ECB

    Starbuck Double Shot 6.5oz
    Pay 1.99 Get 1.99 ECB

    Coke 1.25lit
    Pay .99 Get .99 ECB

    Scooby Doo Fruit Snacks
    Pay 2.00 Get 2.00 ECB

    Airwick Warmer
    Pay 1.00 Get 1.00 ECB

    Hot Wheels
    Pay 1.00 Get 1.00

    Command Sample Pk
    Pay .99 Get .99

    Pay 1.00 Get 1.00

    Use 8.99 ECB From Transaction 2
    Spend 1.40 Get 10.84 ECB % Saved 192

    Transaction 4

    Hydro Silk Refill 4ct
    Pay 13.29 Get 4.00 ECB
    Use 2.00/1 (SS 11/18)
    Use BOGO Value 12.99 (Printable)

    Hydro Silk Razor
    Pay 13.29 Get 4.00 ECB
    Use 2.00/1 (SS 11/18)

    Use 10.84 ECB From Transaction 3
    Spend 5.12 Get 8.00 ECB % Saved 115

    Transaction 5

    (2)x Spaghetti O's
    Pay 2.00

    (5)x Chef Boyardee
    Pay 5.00

    (1)x Minute Rice
    Pay 1.00

    Use 8.00 ECB From Transaction 4
    Spend 0.00

    Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

    Looks like a great trip! Gotta love CVS!! Thanks for sharing.

    Karen said...

    There is a new 3/2 right guard coupon on that makes them a $1.02 money maker.

    Amie said...

    I used my husband's card for these deals.
    Transaction 1
    Kraft Mac & Cheese
    Starbucks Refresher (-$1m)
    Children's Advil (-$1.5m)
    Carmex (-$0.30m)
    Cepacol (-$1s)
    Charmin (-$0.25m)
    Command Hook (-$1m)
    Paid $8.58 oop
    Transaction 2
    Phillips Universal Remote
    Nips candy
    South Beach Diet Bars
    Hot Wheels
    Paid $1.77 oop
    Transaction 3
    Power Ade
    Starbucks Double Shot
    Coke 1.5 liter
    Somnapure (-$1.99m)
    NV Protein Bars
    Scooby Doo Fruit Snacks
    Play Doh
    paid $0.62 oop
    Transaction 4
    Visine Tired Eyes (-$4s & $3m)
    Thermacare (-$3)
    Glade (-$1)
    2 Right Guard (-$3/2m)
    Hershey's Pot of Gold (-$1.02s)
    Paid $1.45 oop
    Starting ECBs: $0
    Ending ECBs:$20.08

    Alex said...

    Hi I'm Alex from Bay Shore NY. This site is awesome! I pretty much bought everything in this store with extrabucks. I even got the cashiers into this. No one has ever done this in any of my area cvs. I recommended your site. A few things Somnapure Sleep Aid is free since the product had a coupon on it that I told the cashier to scan. Its for 5 off. Also Thermacare Back & Hip heat wrap has 3 off on thier site. Making it only a few cents. The coupon does state not including trial size but coupon still scanned! Yay nice MM. Anyone had luck finding Cepacol Sensations 4ct. it was on none of my stores! boooooo. Also the depends is a good money maker too since thier site has a coupon for 2 off. Thanks for all the nice match ups on your site.

    Amie said...

    CVS is great. I did a trip on Sunday to get the 1st ad freebies and money makers. I purchased 32 items and I used $12 ECBs, $10 in CVS Swagbucks gift cards, 2 $10/$50 coupons,and paid $7 oop. I ended with a bunch of ECBs and then used up my ECBs on their 2nd ad.
    Transaction 1:
    3 Pepsi 12 packs
    3 Milky Way bars (-B2G1free)
    Discovery Castle
    CVS batteries
    2 CVS flossers
    2 2pk Gum toothbrushes
    Phillips Ear Buds
    Cheerios (-$.60m & $.50 savingstar)
    2 B1G1 pull back toy cars 2 packs
    Used $10/$50 and ECBS. OOP $2.69
    Transaction 2
    4 B1G1 Free toys priced $19.99: Hot Wheels Track, Minnie Mouse toy, Remote Controlled Spider, Big Pull Back Truck
    2 Peanuts Ornaments $4.99 each
    1 Snickers bar $.50
    Used $10/$50, all my ECBs, and paid $8.18 oop.

    I was able to get a ton of stuff for $17.87 cash. My CVS Black Friday ad goal is always to get some money makers to help pay for toys and stocking stuffers for my kids and I was thrilled with what I purchased this year. Although, I have been a couponer for a few years, it wasn't until finding this site last year, that I really learned how to shop CVS. Thank you.

    Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

    Glad to hear Simply CVS has been helpful! Thanks for sharing.