Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Archived Post: Earning Free CVS Gift Cards & Paypal Online for CVS Out Of Pocket Costs

A re-posting on how to save
even more while shopping at CVS.
As this older post shows, one of the ways I save more at CVS is by earning my out of pocket spending money thru online activities.  I earn free CVS gift cards and/or Paypal for my CVS deal shopping at the following sites (you can sign up and start earning, too).


Swagbucks is my favorite place to earn free CVS gift cards & other prizes. They have a large variety of online activities (like watching videos, searching the web, taking surveys, etc.) for which members are rewarded Swag Bucks to cash in on gift cards and prizes.  Check out this earlier post:  An Introduction to Swagbucks and the Swagbucks 101 Series here at Simply CVS for more details on how to earn.

MyPoints offers CVS gift cards as well as other store gift cards in exchange for online activities such as shopping online, reading emails, taking surveys, and more.  You can see a little more detail in my earlier post: An Introduction to MyPoints.

Earn Paypal for your CVS shopping expenses at these sites.


EDITING 11/11/2012:  Looks like Superpoints has gone under--this is no longer viable information.  

Superpoints is another online activity site that offers gift cards and Paypal to members--one unique aspect is the Superlucky Button you can spin and win points on and daily emails with points.  It does not offer CVS gift cards yet, but Paypal works, too, for CVSing.  Superpoints is by invite only thru a member's link and those in this post are my referral links.  You can learn more in this earlier post:  An Introduction to SuperPoints.

SWAGBUCKS & MYPOINTS as noted above.

Links in this post are my referral or affiliate links.

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