Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Select Huggies & CVS Diapers Clearanced 50%

Didie & Jami at WeUseCoupons are reporting some diapers & wipes on clearance at CVS 50% off. These are the details of what she saw.  Check your store and remember to check prices at the scanner if they are not marked.  Clearance often varies by store, but is also often across the board.
  • Huggies boxes diapers 
  • Huggies Jeans
  • CVS diapers (boxes and packs)
  • Huggies and CVS wipes 

1 comment:

J Rodney said...

I am a big fan of the CVS diapers! My biggest saving has been potty training though, but my son still uses diapers at night so a great diaper deal once in a while comes in handy.