Thursday, June 7, 2012

How I Earn a Free $10 CVS Gift Card Monthly for 5 Minutes a Day on Swagbucks

Many people wonder if earning CVS gift cards on Swagbucks takes a lot of time. Earning a $10 one each month can take as little as five minutes a day.  I don't have a lot of time to spend right now so I go for the quick earning opportunities, but there are dozens of ways to earn even more Swag Bucks with a little or a lot more time invested.  There are members who earn Amazon Gift Cards all year and do all of their Christmas shopping for free.  It just depends on the time available to each person.  Below is a quick overview of what I spend my time on at Swagbucks to ensure at least one $10 CVS gift card each month.

How I easily earn 1390 Swag Bucks per Month

This is more than enough for a $10 CVS GC (1249 Swag Bucks); or it is more than enough for three $5 Amazon gift cards (450 each) for less than 5 minutes a day (approximate times are listed below beside each action).
  • Searches -  (3 minutes) 33 Swag Bucks daily [Average]
    • I use the Swagbucks search engine for any site I want to visit until I win one.
      • It is interesting looking at the stats for Simply CVS and seeing how many people come from a Swagbucks search.  After noticing that I now try searching for Simply CVS if I am having trouble winning thru searching and am amazed at how often I win something. Try it sometime.
    • I almost always win three searches a day.
      • I use three different browsers and usually do one each in morning, afternoon and evening.
      • I have read to clear cookies, etc. to be able to win more than once, but I have never done this.
      • Swagbucks seems to "release" winning opportunities throughout the day and by checking the fans' chatter on their Facebook page you can easily find out if "dubs" or "trips" or sometimes even "quads" are being won (two/three/four search wins).  Fans will even tell you what they searched to win it and often others try the phrase and sure enough, they win, too, but not always.
    • Many are for 7 or 9, but I win enough 11's and megas to average 33 per day each month.
  • Daily Poll (5 seconds) - 1 Swag Buck daily
    • This is a one question poll with up to five answers.
    • It is easily found thru the link on the right hand side of the Swagbucks homepage or by hovering over the "earn" tab at the top left side.
    • Swagbucks members can submit polls and if theirs is used they earn 100 Swagbucks.  I did this once and they used it--an easy 100 SBs.  You can submit a poll to (one question with up to six answers).
  • NOSO (10 seconds) - 2 Swag Bucks daily
    • Scroll thru the No Obligation Special Offers each day clicking on the button at the bottom of each page.
    • There are usually about a half dozen to go thru.
    • It is easily found thru the link on the right hand side of the Swagbucks homepage or by hovering over the "earn" tab at the top left side.
  • Toolbar Use (no time) - 1 Swag Buck daily
    • By installing the Swagbucks toolbar each day you turn on your computer and open the browser you earn one Swag Buck.
  • Special Offers on Homepage (25 seconds) - Average 5 Swag Bucks daily
    • Down the center front of the homepage are "cards" with special earning opportunities.
    • Once a day I scroll thru these and see if there are any I want to do--once again, they must be free, quick and easy.
    • I use a split screen with Swagbucks on one side of my monitor and my other open window on the other.  This way if there is a video to watch I can watch it while working on something else and it won't take any more time.
  • Swagbucks Mailbox Offers (15 seconds) - Average 3 Swag Bucks daily
    • I check my mailbox (found at the top of the homepage) once a day for special earning opportunities.
    • I usually find one to do about every other day.
    • I only choose the simple, quick offers.
  • Swag Codes (1 minute) - Average 10 a week
    • These are given out at different times during the day (usually late afternoon or evening) and can be found in the SB toolbars, widgets, blog, Twitter or on Facebook.
      • They are only good for a limited time--usually a couple of hours
    • I don't even look everyday, just once in a while when I have an extra minute and I still get plenty to easily average 10 or more a week.
    • Sometimes they are hard to find and I don't bother taking the time to "jump thru hoops" to find them, but often they are just on FB, Twitter or in their blog post and all I have to do is copy and paste it.
    •  I easily find out if a code is available by stopping by their FB page (fans are always talking about a code if it is out so I just search the chat for "code") or by checking in a Swagbucks widget (I check the one in the sidebar at Klamath County Operation Christmas Child blog--many blogs have them or you can get one of your own and "Access Swag Bucks from your website, blog and social network with the Swag Bucks widget".  I just never have).
      • I have read that the widget does not always update when there is a code.
    • Swagbucks often have Swag Code extravaganza days where they release many codes throughout the day and I often get a few of those.

What are your favorite ways to earn?  Do you get gift cards each month?

Links in this post are my referral link.  When you choose to sign up under me at Swagbucks I earn 10% of what you earn.  I will use all earnings towards filling more shoe boxes for children in need.


mochamomx2 said...

The code didn't work.

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Did you enter it at the time of registration? What did it say when you tried to enter it? If you can give me the details I'll check with Swagbucks and ask about it.

Unknown said...

As always Thankyou Cheryl! Unfortunately the toolbar goofed my computer up so I had to remove it. But what I do while i'm on the comp is run the swagtv, I usually can earn about 30 bucks a day from that alone. every now and then i go back and watch another one, then click over to something else. it's a pain but it helps since i'm on a computer all day, i just click it now and then, 30 bucks sure helps!

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

You are welcome, Deb. I have issues with the t.v. lately. I can watch a few and then my computer shuts off. For some reason the media part doesn't like to work. I can watch You Tube videos no problem, but anything else kills it. But, wow, 30 SBs each day for video watching really would add up.