Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Future of Simply CVS: New Posting Schedule [The Fate of Simply CVS: Part Three]

Dear Readers,

As I shared in my last two posts: To every thing thereis a season...[The Fate of Simply CVS: Part One] and The History of Simply CVS [The Fate of Simply CVS: Part Two], I have made the decision to cut back my time spent on Simply CVS.  But I do not want to leave you all without the resources to still get the deals.  I’ll share in this post my new posting schedule here and links to sites where you can find the information I will not be posting.

The regular postings for the past several weeks have been the following (notes below each explain changes and why):
  • The Ad Preview
    • I hear from most readers that this is the post they like the best and can’t easily find many other places.
    • I will continue to post this.
  • my shopping trip
    • This post takes well over an hour to compose depending on the week (part is because of keeping track of the $50 Gift Card Challenge).
    • I will no longer take the time to post this.
  • readers’ shopping trips sharing post
    • This is another post readers have mentioned really depending on.
    • I think reading others’ trips is one of the best ways to learn how to CVS and also helps others to catch deals they may have otherwise missed.
    • It is quick for me to put up.
    • I will continue posting this for readers to share.
  • hot new printable coupons
    • These help us all save so much more.
    • I will no longer post these, but there are two gadgets on the right hand side here at Simply CVS that show the latest printable coupons (from and Coupon Network) in real time.  You can stop by daily and take a quick peak and will know if new coupons are available without having to scroll thru them all at the printing sites.
    • There are also links to all four of the major printable coupons sites (RedPlumSmartSource,Coupon Network or Coupons) in the right hand side bar here for your convenience.
  • extra buck match ups
    • This post was the most time consuming and there are dozens of blogs now that offer these.  Two that I like are:
    • Money Saving Mom has a link up late each Saturday for sites that list CVS deals. She also posts some CVS deals thru out the week.  You can find them here.  This may help you find a new site you like for match ups.
    • You can also find CVS deals & match ups in the CVS community forum at WeUseCoupons.
  • coupon previews
  • Hot CVS deals.
    • These are few and far between.
    • If you check in on the  Simply CVS Facebook page readers share their great finds and shopping trips there.  It's a great place to keep up with the hot deals.
  • Sarah’s scenarios and the best extra bucks to roll onto posts
    • As Sarah has time she will continue to post these (as well as clearance finds) but I do not expect them to be every week.

New Posting Schedule

  • Reader’s Shopping Trips Sharing
  • Ad Preview for the next week

Friday (as Sarah has time):
  • $5 & $10 Scenarios
  • The Best Extra Buck Deals for Rolling ECBs

Other Changes

Since I will be staying away from the computer for the most part I will no longer…

I am sure there are other changes that I am not thinking about, but I hope this gives you an idea of what to expect and also points you to where you can easily continue to find the great CVS deals.

Thanks again and Happy CVSing!



Anonymous said...

Wow Cheryl, I am going to miss reading Simply CVS are the reason I started shopping at CVS when they opened a new store right by me! I always followed the Coupon Match-ups, etc., and asked a lot of questions (!) because I couldn't do it alone. I certainly understand your need to cut back....with your Mother and your fibro, (let alone your recent move) I don't know how you did it all. I will miss all your posts (and Sarah's!) but will continue to follow Simply CVS and will appreciate more everytime I see your posts. Good luck to you and your family and God Bless. :)

Deal Seeker said...

Wishing you the best Cheryl. I have learned so much from your website. Thank you for everything!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all you've done on this site! I totally agree -- I find the ad post and the reader's shopping trips BY FAR the most helpful parts of this site. So glad that those are the two aspects you've decided to continue. Best of luck with your mom. You are so right to actively decide how you need to spend your time (a reminder for all of us to be conscious about our daily choices!)

Lori M said...

Thank you for pouring so much of yourself into your site. I will continue to pray for you and your family. Your site has helped to build my confidence when shopping CVS; you've been a great blessing to all of us!

Betsy said...

Good for you to prioritize. I like couponing but I don't let it get in the way of my family or relationship, if I'm hanging out with my boyfriend on a Sunday I may miss a week of coupons.
I like your site and i'll still check it out. How about instead of posting 'my shopping trip' you just take a photo of your receipt? Most of us can read them and we could just write comments about it.

Kristen said...

Cheryl, I wish you the best but selfishly I will miss your voice on this site. Take care, Kristen

Tip Resource said...

Cheryl - As a blogger myself I understand the struggle you have faced over the months. I want to give you a pat on the back for making a tough but wise decision. Love that your Bible devotional was perfect timing for you and it is proof that when we ask God for answers, He provides - and in that there is comfort.

Each week I will still link back to you $5 and $10 scenarios, they are so helpful!

Bless you in your new season of life and know God is by your side!


Amie said...

I will miss your posts. I became hooked on your blog when I found your coupon match-ups for the Black Friday sale. You helped me do so many money makers that I was able to use ECBs to pay for several Christmas gifts. You sponsored me into Superpoints and you taught me how to use Swagbucks CVS gift cards to reduce my oop. I've learned a lot from you. Your hard work has truly helped my family and is appreciated. I wish you and your family the best!

James said...
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