Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The History of Simply CVS [The Fate of Simply CVS: Part Two]

Dear Readers,

I have been doing a lot of evaluation of how I spend my time and live my life lately and Simply CVS is a huge part of both, thus I have been evaluating it.  And as I shared in “To every thing there is a season...[The Fate of Simply CVS: Part One]” the increased care of my mother has expedited my decision to make changes in Simply CVS postings.

Simply CVS Beginnings

Out of the joy I find thru giving to and helping others I began Simply CVS in April 2010 with the goal of bringing the lessons I had learned and the many weekly hot CVS deals to others who may not know how to CVS or who may not have the time to find the deals.  I was spending hours each week reading thru couponing forum sites to catch all the great freebies and money saving deals CVS offered and thought of those who did not have that amount of time to search them out.  Thus Simply CVS was born.

I have written and posted dozens of lessons, tips and tricks for the novice as well as the veteran CVS shopper and I don’t think there is anything else to write on that subject.  These posts can be found thru the links under the banner on each page here at Simply CVS.  New readers can easily take advantage of these archived articles.

CVS Deals Then & Now

As for the CVS deals, they have significantly been reduced.  As I planned
Simply CVS in early 2010 most weeks there were:

  • Scanner coupons that netted free or nearly free items (sometimes matched with a manufacturer coupon).
  • Manufacturer coupons from the Sunday paper or printable coupons that provided free or nearly free items.
  • CVS regularly sent out $/$$ coupons (like $4/$20’s) thru emails or snail mail or at the scanner.
  • Several extra buck items were free after extra bucks and coupons.
  • Extra Buck deals often were increased in limit from the posted 1 to 2 to five.

I regularly posted 6 – 10 items daily to alert readers of all of these great deals along with the coupon matchups and ad previews.

In today’s CVS shopping world, there are very few of these—they are certainly far between.  So I find myself posting only:

  • the ad preview
  • my shopping trip
  • readers’ shopping trip share post
  • hot new printable coupons
  • extra buck match ups
  • coupon previews
  • Sarah’s scenarios and the best extra bucks to roll onto posts

Of those items the only items that cannot now be easily found at many other sites is the ad preview, the readers’ shopping trips, my shopping trip (most deal matching bloggers don’t post in-depth shopping details) and Sarah’s two posts.

As you can see, regular postings at Simply CVS are not as necessary today or as helpful to others as they once were.  And even tho I need to step back on my time spent on Simply CVS, you all will not need to miss any great deals or spend hours each week searching for the information.  In my next post: The Future of Simply CVS: New Posting Schedule [The Fate of Simply CVS:  Part Three] I will share what you can expect to still see posted here at Simply CVS and I will give you links to where you can easily find the information I will no longer be posting.

Thank you for your understanding in the need I have to make these changes.  And I wish you all “Happy CVSing.”

Your CVSing Partner,



Sobeida said...

Awww, you are making me teary eyed! I do understand what you mean and I look forward to the next post (part 3)

Anonymous said...

You have the right priorities! I have not shopped at CVS like I used to because the deals have been really scarce since "Extreme Couponing" started running on TV and CVS ran into legal issues with their pharmacy prescriptions operation.

I have learned a lot from following your site for over a year and you have trained us well! A lot of your readers could continue the site for you but we're just too lazy or busy.

We think like you do and know how to put the deals together. Enjoy the time with your mother and take care of yourself!