Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My CVS Shopping Trip the Week of 4/22/2012 ~ Needed Grocery Items and A Little Money Maker

I had another fun week at CVS and a little money making trip (you can see the details below).  This trip threw my total CVS spending power in my $50 gift card challenge over the $100 mark.

I had a $4/$20 scanner coupon and also had $6 and $7 Extra Bucks to spend and when I combined my items I had just over $20 so the $4/20 was fine, but to use both of my extra bucks I needed another $4 of products.  I could either use just the $7 extra buck and pay a couple of dollars off my gift cards or I could throw in four Palmolive at $.99 each and use the $6 extra buck, too, and not use up so much of my gift card.  I try to keep my gift card expense as close to zero as possible.  I am also trying to grab some items when I can to keep my grocery budget down, so even with getting the Palmolive (my favorite dish soap) I still came out with a little more to spend next week at CVS than I started with this week ($100.76  instead of $99.92--see details below).

Like I said above, I love to get items at CVS with extra bucks to keep my grocery budget down and get other things I need to be picking up to keep my out of pocket spending as low as possible.  This week from my grocery list I got the Palmolive along with Fig Newtons for my mom and the free
after extra bucks Cottonelle toilet paper holders (which include double rolls of Cottonelle).  I also wanted a greeting card for my nephew who just joined the Navy--I was able to find one on the extra buck deal and coupon combination to make it free.  And by earning all my CVS gift cards from Swagbucks and MyPoints nothing I pick up at CVS takes anything from my weekly budget.

You can see the details of the Cottonelle toilet paper holder deal in this earlier post: Free Toilet Paper Cover at CVS After Extra Bucks ~ Look for Special Display.  The sign says limit one, but it has been increased to four--each time I checked out I watched the bottom of my receipt until it said limit reached (the manager noticed before I checked out I had one in my cart and she asked me to take them all so she could get rid of the display, I don't think any of them had been purchased yet).  I personally don't like the looks of the holders for my bathrooms, but I will find a use for them I am sure, and the free toilet paper inside was worth the tax it cost.  I was thinking maybe I could fill them with goodies and tuck them in my Operation Christmas Child shoe box gifts.

As most of you know I am currently doing a $50 Beginner's CVS Gift Card Challenge seeing how much I can get shopping at CVS with a $50 gift card I earned on Swagbucks with a new CVS Extra Care Card just like a new shopper would be able to get.   I began with a $50 gift card and zero extra bucks.  By utilizing the CVS Extra Buck & Cash Card deals, coupons and rebates at times my actual CVS spending power will be more than my original $50 Gift Card.

$50 Beginner's CVS Gift Card Challenge Balances:

Total Saved:  $ 1412.01  (including tax)
Total Value of Products Purchased:  $ 1392.84 (without tax)
Original Gift Card Balance:  $ 30.56
 CVS Cash Cards Earned on CVS Deals Balance: $25.94
Extra Buck Balance:  $ 14.98 (I began with no extra bucks with this gift card)
Mail In Rebate Cash Balances: $ 29.28 (this is money earned from rebates of items purchased in GC Challenge)
Total CVS Spending Power:  $ 100.76 (GC balances, rebate cash and ECB balance combined)

This week's trip's details:

Saved:  $  43.57 + $ 2.25 tax = $ 45.82 (some of my tax is paid on coupon values, this is the tax on the total product less the tax I paid--that is all I saved on tax)
Spent:  $ .42 + $ .72 tax = $ 
Beginning Extra Bucks Balance: $ 13.00
Total Extra Bucks used:  $ 18.97
Total Extra Bucks earned:  $ 20.95
Ending Extra Bucks Balance:  $ 14.98

NOTE:  Because I often do multiple transactions my total extra bucks earned may differ from the ending extra buck balance and the total used may exceed the beginning balance as I use some from one transaction on another.

Transaction #1:

3 -- Fig Newtons @ 3/$4 get $1 Extra Bucks
Used 2 -- $1/1 Newtons Internet Printable Coupons from their FB page
1 -- Frutopia Shampoo @ $2.50
Used 1 -- $3.00/1 Frutopia CVS scanner coupon (scanned for the full $3)
4 -- Palmolive Dish Soap @ $.99 each
3 -- Hallmark Cards @ $.99, $.99, $2.00, buy three get $3 Extra Bucks
Used 1 -- B2G1 Free up to $2.50 CVS Scanner coupon [took off the $2]
1 -- Blink Tears @ $8.99 get $8.99 Extra Bucks
Used 1 -- $1/1 Printable Coupon
1 -- Cottonelle TP Roll Holder @ $ 1.99 get $ 1.99 extra buck (this is a special display [see this post for details] that is good thru the end of April I think, and it says limit one, but it ended up being limit of 4)

Used a $4/$20 CVS Scanner Coupon

Spent:  $ .42 + $ .33 tax = $ .75
Extra Bucks used:  $ 13.00 ($7 & $6 left over from last week)
Extra Bucks earned:  $ 14.98
Transaction #2, 3 & 4 (each was exactly the same):

1 -- Cottonelle TP Roll Holder @ $ 1.99 get $ 1.99 extra buck (this is a special display [see this post for details] that is good thru the end of April I think, and it says limit one, but it ended up being limit of 4)
Used the $1.99 Extra Buck from the last transaction each time.
Spent:  $ .00 + $ .13 tax = $ .13
Extra Bucks used:  $ 1.99
Extra Bucks earned:  $ 1.99

Check out these and all of this week's CVS deals.  Also, read how I have learned (from others) how to "stack" the coupons in the right order to pay for tax.  Some states have to pay tax on extra buck usage and some don't so it may or may not affect your CVS shopping.  And if you don't have any, or many, extra bucks check out how to have the least out of pocket cash when beginning or check out these scenarios for spending just $5 or $10 out of pocket for several items.

Step by Step CVS Shopping for Beginners
I started a step by step lesson series on how to begin CVS shopping as I began as a "new shopper" with a new card and no extra bucks.  You can check out the series by clicking the banner to the left.

Readers' Gift Card Challenges

If you haven't joined us in the Simply CVS gift card challenge we'd love to have you do so.  Check out the details in this introductory post:  Join the Simply CVS Gift Card Challenge.  If you have joined already, leave a comment below with your most recent trip and/or totals.  If you blog about your challenge trip leave a link directly to your challenge shopping trip each week in this "CVS Shopping Trips ~ Share Yours" post.  I would love it if you would add the Challenge button like the one here in your post or on your blog so your readers can join us and see what everyone is doing on their challenge (the code can be found in the link in the right hand side bar).

Earn CVS Gift Cards Online

 If you haven't worked on earning free CVS gift cards online yet click the banner below and you can see a few different sources where I earn CVS gift cards from, along with free Paypal, to help with my CVS shopping (they offer other prizes, but CVS gift cards are my favorite).  If you'd like to learn how to earn more Swagbucks towards your prizes check out the Index to the Swag Bucks 101 Series of posts.


J Rodney said...

CVS seriously need to put you in some commercials Cheryl, because you are the CVS master champion.

I made a stop at CVS this morning, but I did not get that much and I almost paid as much as you:)

Deal Seeker said...

Great idea for the covers. I love reading your posts i learn so much. Today I got mail from CVS free samples and coupons for Nivea body lotion. $3.00 women's $2 men's.

Anonymous said...

I went to CVS today.
Red Machine give me a $3 off coupon for the physicians formula.
I got a $7.99 double concealer.
Used $1 Manafactures coupon/
Used $3 CVS coupon.
$4 ECB.
Paid tax.
Got back $7 ECB.
Great money maker for me.


Brian and Amy Yohe said...

Thanks to you I started a challenge a while back with the $45 worth of gift cards I earned through My Points (thanks to you again), plus a $10 gift card I had from the old Spend $30 get $10 deals, plus $18 in ECBs I had at the time. A total of $73 in spending power. So far I have picked up....

$18 Beneful dog food
$8 Easter candy
$12 Colgate toothbrushes
$2 Speed Stick deodorant
$8 Depends
$11 Gilette razor
$2 Skittles
$6 Colgate toothpaste
$2 Cottonelle toilet paper cover
$12 Neosporin Essentials Trial Pack
$3.79 Thermacare
$4 Olay face wipes
$7 Olay body wash
$3 Herbal Essence hairspray
$1 beef jerky stick for Josh
$1 for 2 Arizona teas
$4 Olay face wipes
$7 Olay body wash
$4.48 for 2 clearance Softsoap body washes
$1 bag of jelly beans
$2.99 Herbal Essence gel
$9.78 for 4 Welch's juices
$1 beef jerky stick
$6 for three NYC makeup items
$1 Chips Ahoy cookies
$2 Beef Jerky sticks
$1 Pringles can
$4.99 sensitive toothbrush
$3 for 3 packages of Mentos gum
$9 in Blink eyedrops
$3 in greeting cards

I now have $28.50 on gift cards, $27 in ECBs, and over $20 coming in rebates for items purchased. A little over where I started!!! You've still got me way beat though! Thanks for the inspiration!!!

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Great deal, Crystal! I was so hoping for that scanner coupon. Then I forgot my list and forgot to even look at the PF! Maybe I'll get back later in the week.

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

"Brian & Amy," fantastic stretching that $73! It looks like you will be shopping for quite some time to come. Keep me posted. And so fun to know I was a little help and inspiration to help you earn and save. You really have gotten a nice variety of items.

Valencia said...

I was looking at my CVS receipt this morning. I did the B3 get $3ecb card deal and got back my $3ecbs but my receipt still says "quantity toward this reward: 2, quantity needed to earn reward: 1". I'm a little confused because I thought the limit was 1.

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Hmmm, it is limit one as far as I have read so far. I'll have to look at my receipt. And that doesn't make a lot of sense anyways since it shows you only purchased two.

Sobeida said...

Valencia, I dont think your 3 ECB is from the cards, the same happened to me and its because some cards are not counting towards the deal. my ECB did not print and it said I had two cards and needed one to get it... so i had to get a different card and it worked.

Cheryl, I have been looking for the TP covers everywhere, no luck, and i think the deal ends the 28 :-(

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Sobeida, I have had that happen before on these card deals. But they have always pushed it thru for me as it says buy any three Hallmark. So that could be it--the $3 extra buck should say on it what is for so you may want to look at it, Valencia.

I had kept forgetting about the TP covers but happened to walk past them. I'm not sure how long it had been out.

Amie said...

Cheryl, I've missed your posts. You continue to amaze me! I've been drug store shopping and couponing for almost 3 years and it amazes me just how far I can stretch my money. Your blog has helped me master CVS. I rarely spend actual money at CVS - usually Swag Bucks and Mypoints gift cards cover my expenses. I buy some items I don't need as MMs or just to roll my ECBs, but mostly I buy items I really use and need - groceries, diapers, pull ups, shampoo, etc. It's great.

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Amie, glad you enjoy the posts--they are time consuming to post so it is good to know they are helpful and enjoyed. And I am sooooo glad to hear Simply CVS has helped you master your CVSing skills. Thanks so much for sharing.