Saturday, April 28, 2012

Gone Fishing ~ Taking a Little Blogging Break: See You Next Week

I haven't really "gone fishing", I have actually "gone cleaning" (my old house to prepare it for sale).  Those of you who have been around thru the past year or so know that my real life has been pretty hectic. I have tried thru it all to keep Simply CVS up to date and I have finally hit a wall.  I am exhausted and since I can't take time off from "real life," I have decided to take a week off from Simply CVS.

I started Simply CVS on April 4, 2010 and have never taken time off from posting the deals, but this week I will.  My plan is to be back bright and early Monday morning, May 7.  Meanwhile, I am including links below to a couple of blogs I know that do CVS coupon match ups if you don't have one you visit already, so you can find the match ups for the week of 5/6 (the matchups & deal posts for the week of 4/29 are already up here at Simply CVS).  I've also put up the CVS Ad Scan Preview for the week of 5/6 early so you will have that at least to look at.  Have a great week and I'll see you soon.  ~ Cheryl

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Jen @ said...

Way to go Cheryl! You need a break and it is well deserved! See you next week!


NickieM said...

Thank you for everything you do! Enjoy your week off, and don't work too hard :)

Deal Seeker said...

Thanks for everything Cheryl. Enjoy!

Valencia said...

Get some R & R. You deserve it.