Thursday, March 29, 2012

Our New View ~ Soon

View from our current house--when the neighbor's cows roam.
As many of you know we closed on our new house last Friday.  I am currently working at my  mom's in the morning (she is currently in a mobile home and will be in a mother-in-law's suite in our new house) and  our house in the afternoon.  Packing up her car and our van and then we drop off our loads each evening.  We have movers who will do the large furniture next Thursday and then hopefully get settled in quickly.

We have run into some snags at the new house that is keeping us from moving, including contracted work on Mom's section and then the Radon test came back still too high, for the second time, after they worked on it.  Hopefully Saturday's reading will be a good report :-).

Meanwhile, I will not be around here too much and the posts I have ready may go up earlier than normal.  I'll try to keep an eye out to be sure and let you know of any hot or new deals/coupons, but probably will miss some, and the regular posts will keep coming as far as I know now.  I want to thank you all for your patience over the past few weeks while I have been preparing for this move.  Hopefully we get Simply CVS back to normal shortly after Easter.  AND, hopefully I get back to CVSing for myself :-).
A view from the back of the new house.
It is in "town" but our lot goes down to a river thru the woods,
so much privacy like we are used to here.


Sobeida said...

Cheryl, where do you live?

J Rodney said...

In town?? It surely looks beautiful to me....and I would love a bit of your "in town" neighborhood.

I hope the radon test comes back alright Cheryl, I bet you are all eager to move in for good.

Good luck with everything!

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

North Carolina, Sobeida, but Ohio in spirit--lol. Of course the misty, morning cattle shot doesn't really look like what I normally see. It looks lush, green, cool and moist--it happened to be after a couple of weeks of unusual rain--we have been in a drought in our area for years.

Sobeida said...

I was wondering how you were able to see the cows in NJ, for some random reason it was in my head that you live in NJ LOL