Friday, March 9, 2012

My CVS Stockpile Comes in Handy During Moving

As most of you know we will soon be moving into a new house and so I have not been shopping the past couple of weeks, nor will I be in the next few weeks.  I have chosen to live off of my stockpile to help keep out of pocket costs down at this time and also to have less to pack and move.  I am finding it very rewarding to be able to provide necessary household, hygiene, health care and beauty products for  my family from the stockpile I have built up from my CVS shopping.  One other time, a couple of years ago, when our income was cut by more than 1/3 having a stockpile made a huge difference.

Tho my stockpile is nothing like those of other couponers, it is just large enough to give me the freedom to not shop for a couple of months when necessary.  One thing that I am really enjoying during this time is my cleaning supplies stockpile.  I have plenty on hand to clean my current house top to bottom to prepare to be put on the market as well as
enough to clean the new house before we move in.  One item I have not tried but think this is a great time to do just that is the Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaning Gel.

Quite a while ago I was able to get two packages of the Scrubbing Bubbles gel free at CVS in some sort of coupon/sale/extra buck combination.  I plan to use them the last couple of weeks before we move so I can do a little less cleaning and also while the house is on the market to keep them fresh.  As soon as we close on the new house and clean the bathrooms there I'll put these in so I will have one less cleaning project while we prepare the new house and will also use them while we are moving in and unpacking.  I hope I don't get hooked on them as I currently use what ever I can get super cheap.  But once in a while I do "fall in love" with a product I have tried after getting a fantastic deal on it and I continue to buy it.

Are there products you have gotten that now you "can't do without" or choose to not do without?  Has there been a time when your stockpile has come in handy?

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Melissa said...

Good luck for your move Cheryl! My stockpile has come in handy when I packed up toiletry products for a vacation, I still had shampoo, body wash etc in my home for my stepdaughter who house-sitted for us.

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Thanks, Melissa. Nice on the house sitting goodies. It's nice when company comes to stay to have nice new beauty/hygeine items to leave out.

andrea said...

Good luck with your move!

And your pic... Well, I LOVE Scrubbing Bubbles - started using the brand thanks to all their coupons :D