Tuesday, March 6, 2012

CVS Shopper in Training Report: Assignment #1: Read Thru Step by Step CVSing Lessons & Prepare to Shop

My first assignment as a CVS shopper in training was to read through the CVS Step-by-Step lessons on Simply CVS and prepare my supplies.  I have not gone to get my CVS card yet, so I have skipped the related steps 1-6 and will do them later when I go to the store.

So I began with Step 7: Organizing Take to the Store Supplies.

First, I needed a Coupon File.  My sister let me use one that had been our grandmother’s.  She passed away a few years ago and we found it among her things.  I think it will be very special to think of her every time I use it.  It even has a little pair of matching scissors and is purple which is my favorite color.  I have decided on the following dividers as ones which should be most useful for the type of CVSing I want to do:
  1. Cards – I will keep my CVS card and Gift Card here
  2. This Week’s Trip – I will keep my list and coupons for the deals I am planning to do here
  3. ECB's
  4. Scanner Coupons
  5. Printable Coupons
  6. Rain checks
Second, I needed a reusable shopping bag and a Green Bag Tag so I can earn free extra bucks.  I had a pretty bag in my closet which a friend had used to wrap my Christmas present in--I think it is from Target.  I think pretty things can be quite inspiring, so I emptied that out and allocated it for CVSing.  And I was really fortunate that my mom had an extra CVS Green Bag Tag so I am all set.

Then, I added in small things like a calculator, pen, and scissors.

Finally, I have the $50 CVS Gift Card my mom earned on Swagbucks and gave to me to start this challenge.  I am sure, being a beginner in training, I will use mine up much more quickly than she is using hers on her gift card challenge.  I have started MyPoints to earn another gift card for when this one runs out.  I also hope to start SwagBucks soon to be able to earn even more cards!

You can follow my CVS Shopper in Training journey right here at Simply CVS.  I will share lessons learned, shopping trips and other experiences as a beginner CVS shopper.

~ Elizabeth


Anonymous said...

Very nice. Good luck Elizabeth and have fun!

Anonymous said...

Good Luck Elizabeth! I started CVS shopping & couponing in about Nov. & while it is getting a little easier because I'm learning alot of the "tricks" it's still challenging at times! I have a problem with thinking that I need to get each & every "deal" every week....now I realize there will always be sales & deals to be had! I have to tell you though, I couldn't have done it without reading your Mom's blog & especially the Coupon Match-Ups! You've got the best teacher there is I think - so have fun!! I'll be watching your progress!! :)
- Tammy

Elizabeth said...

Thank you so much Anon & Tammy for the encouragement!