Saturday, March 10, 2012

A CVS Shopper In Training GC Challenge Goal: Fill A Shoe Box with Gifts for a Child in Crisis

One of the things I hope to accomplish by learning to deal shop at CVS is that I want to give some of what I am getting to others.  I have a deep desire to help those who are less fortunate when I have the opportunity and the means to do so.  One thing I really enjoy participating in is the Operation Christmas Child Shoebox project.  I have filled shoe boxes since 1993 when I was a little girl. You can read about some of my family's experiences in my mom's earlier post:  CVS Shopping for Donations ~ Operation Christmas Child Shoe Box Fillers.  My sister, Sarah, recently received an email from one of the children who received a shoe box from her this past year.

I cannot imagine how sad it must be for a parent, who is already in a tough situation, to be unable to give their child soap, school supplies, or a teddy bear.  So I have decided to try to pack one shoe box full of gifts with things I get at CVS on this CVS Shopper in Training $50 gift card challenge.  Some things I will probably have to get on clearance and use up ECBs in buying.  I have until the second week of November to finish collecting items.

This is what I want to include:


School Supplies:
  • Paper – Lined and Unlined
  • Pens
  • Pencils
  • Crayons or Colored Pencils

  • Stuffed Animal
  • Ball
  • Gum
  • CandyJellybeans -- 3/6/12 shopping trip !!!
  • Something Else Fun – Hair bow, Sunglasses, Etc.

A shoe box filled by my sister, Sarah,
with her CVS deals a few years ago.
And anything I get that seems appropriate.  I want this box to be as full as possible!

I have a cute plastic Christmas shoebox which I am going to use for this project.  I always find cuteness to be inspiring.  I hope to come back to this post and cross things off as I go to track my progress.



Unknown said...

I love this idea! Is there a place where you sign up to donate a shoe box?

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

We fill them and drop them off at a collection center in November (the week before Thanksgiving each week) for Operation Christmas Child. The link in the first paragraph (under the picture) above will take you to the site. They have collection centers around the country, unfortunately you can't find the list until August as they can change each year. You can also mail them in. I am sure you could contact them for the contact info for the area wide coordinated for your area to find out how close collection centers are usually to where you live.

We have really enjoyed it and have gotten several letters from children who have received our boxes.