Monday, February 13, 2012

Share Your CVS Shopping Trip for the Weekly Ad of 2/12/2012

Simply CVS Gift Card ChallengeDid you find any good deals  from the CVS Weekly Ad of 2/12 to purchase?  Are you taking the Simply CVS. CVS Gift Card Challenge?  If you blog about your shopping trip I'd love for you to put a link to your post (a link back would be appreciated, but is not necessary); and if you don't blog please leave a comment below.  I really enjoy seeing what others get and it is a great way to learn how to CVS.  I learned from reading and reading and reading what others did. I am still learning!

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Anonymous said...

6 boxes Summer's Eve wipes $2.99 BOGO
2 boxes Emerald Bfast on the go $3.99 BOGO
2 3-pks of Stride gum 2/$4 get $1 ECB

Q's Used:
3 $2/2 Summer's Eve
2 $1 Emerald

Paid with $8 ECB and $1 OOP
Got back $1 ECB

There aren't many exciting deals coming up so I wasn't **too** sad to see my ECB's dwindle (though I did have a mild moment of panic attack when I saw I only had $1 ECB left! I've never been this low! LOL)

The Summer's Eve was such an unbelievable deal!

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

I know the feeling of dwindling Extra Bucks. It is a strange feeling. I actually spent all of mine last week on necessities.

Miz Monie said...

Dove sham/conditioner 33% more 16oz sale 5x$3.00 = $15
used 5x$1.00 = $5 mfc

Colgate total advance paste 4 oz sale 2x$2.75 = $5.50
used 2x$0.75 = $1.50 mfc

value $20.50
minus $ 6.50 mfc
minus $14.00 ecbs
total $00.00 :)
paid $ 1.79 tax

got back
$5 ecb from dove
$4 ecb from colgate
will get
$5 ecb from beauty reward

Anonymous said...

can you use a coupon on an item that is free during a buy1get1 free promotion if so @ anon does that mean you payed $3 for 6 summers eve

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Anon, yes, CVS just changed their policy back to where you can use two coupons on the two items in a B1G1 free sale.

Sara K. said...

I got a home mailer for a $5 CVS gift card when I have a "Heart to Heart" with my I went a got that first, though they didn't even ask me anything, just gave me a gift card. ok!

Here's what I bought:
3 Irish Spring @3.00 = 9.00
1 Softsoap BW @ 3.00=3.00
1 Softsoap Bar @3.00=3.00
2 Colgate @2.75 = 5.50
1 Got2B dry shampoo = 3.99
2 CVS anti wrinkle night cream@2.00 = 4.00 (these were on clearance)

used 13.00 ecb = 15.49
-(2) $1 Irish Spring
-$1 Softsoap
-$1.50 Softsoap CVS Q
-$3 Got2B
-.75 Colgate
-.50 Colgate
-$1 off 2 CVS skincare
-$5 gift card
= 74 cents plus tax

Earned $5ECB from Irish spring/softsoap deal and $4ECB from colgate.

I was particularly excited about the wrinkle's the CVS version of the Olay Age Defying Night Cream, and I got it for only $1.50 each!! I turn 30 this year...hard to admit that I bought wrinkle cream, but at that price, I couldn't pass it up!

Thanks Cheryl, hope your move goes smoothly! Thanks for posting all of the deals even when you aren't shopping!

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

You got some great items, Sara. Perfect on the wrinkle cream--I guess if you start using it now you will ward off the wrinkles for a little longer. Thanks for the well wishes--I have been working on getting this house ready and started packing. The inspection of the new house was today and there were no major issues!

Amie said...

Just venting:

Well, there was nothing that really jumped out at me so I took my 20% off coupon and decided to buy my Sunday papers. There is a "little old lady" that works there and she rang me up, took the 20% off coupon and my ECBs and then when I handed her my CVS e-gift card, she scanned it a few times and handed it back, telling me I couldn't use it. I've had this problem with this cashier every time I've tried to use them because she tries to run them as coupons. I politely told her it was a gift card and there are directions on the bottom...again no luck. I politely asked her to get some help because it should work and tried to gently remind her that we'd been through this before. Well, she did get help and told the other employee, "she says everybody but me knows how to use these." I NEVER said that. The other employee told her it was a gift card and it was processed. I still tried to be polite and even tried to make her feel better by saying she probably doesn't see that all that often. She wouldn't even look at me and her nostrils were flaring. I had to ask for the e-gift card back because she was going to put it in the drawer and she basically flipped it back across the counter. Somehow she managed to void my 20% off coupon. I am considering calling, but it is a small amount. This was the first time I've ever left a CVS feeling badly. I know if the cashier was not close in age to my grandmother, I'd feel mad instead of strangely guilty.

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Amie, those e-gift cards are confusing. I use them all the time and my cashiers still try to scan them as a coupon. sorry you missed out on the 20% off, too. Glad to hear this is your first bad experience at CVS--most of us have had several and some have trouble often. I totally understand your feelings.