Friday, February 17, 2012

Check Out My New Site: Simply Shoe Boxes ~ Sharing with Those in Need, One Shoe Box at a Time

Simply Shoe BoxesI often mention here at Simply CVS how I donate much of what I get from CVS shopping.  Many of my items go into shoe box gifts for Operation Christmas Child.  OCC's idea of packing shoe boxes with gifts and necessities prompted me years ago to think about packing shoe boxes for others in crisis.  I think a personally packed gift packed box can mean a lot to an individual in a crisis situation.  Especially if it is gift wrapped and a personal note is included.

One example is when several years ago we had the privilege of packing gift bags (we didn't use shoe boxes then) for several teens in a group home for troubled girls.  We were able to get their first names and approximate ages and we made beauty bags for them--nail polish, files, tweezers, makeup, hair care, etc.  The organizer of the home was a beautician and could tell us what kinds of hair products to include. She also highlighted
their hair for them so we could get the right kind and shades.  It was all purchased at CVS with great deals and cost next to nothing.

Shoe Box Filled w/CVS Deals One Year
Getting quite that personal is not usually possible, but boxes can be given to homeless shelters, orphanages, group homes, abused women's shelters, nursing homes, etc.   Each box can be wrapped differently and the contents can be each a little different making them personal while still covering the basics:  hygeine, beauty, personal care, snacks, office/school items, hair care, etc.

Readers here at Simply CVS have mentioned I should start another blog about sharing with others what we get at CVS--thus Simply Shoe Boxes was born.

Simply Shoe Boxes will cover how I pack shoe boxes and how readers can, too, with stories, ideas, packing & giving tips, saving more to share more, helpful sites, earning more to give more, crafts and more.  Currently, because of my move coming up the first part of April, I am posting just three times a week (Simply CVS posts come first in my online time)--I started the blog and then we found the house, bad timing on my part.  Once I have settled into our new house I plan to bring more.  For now you can find the following:

My Operation Christmas Child Mascot

I'd love to have you stop by and check out Simply Shoe Boxes (and if you leave a comment I'll know you were there).  You can also follow Simply Shoe Boxes on Facebook or sign up for emails.


Robert said...

Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could all do shoeboxes for when storms hit as well for families of tornadoes and such.
How about tiny shoe boxes for families that need help with food just to get through the end of the month. I have several neighbors that go hungry a few days every month a shoe box with some pack tuna, breakfast bars a few other items could at least help. We have sooooooooooo many needs right here in america we need to start thinking about our own first with the price of everything going up and up. We need to start thinking of the truly needy , and help from the elite class which I have recently heard classified as the completely greedy. It does not take much to turn a life around. For many it is $17 per week, for others it is as much as $33 but for most folks they have squeezed every half penny out of the penny and they are still short at the end of the month.

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Robert, that's what Simply Shoe Boxes is going to be all about. Making personal "I care about you" packages for those in crisis, where ever they may be. I never thought about "food" boxes tho, because of food pantries, I thought of hygiene type boxes to be handed out with the food. I'll have to think about that and see what I can do along those lines. I'm excited to see where this idea of shoe box gifts may go.

Debbie said...

Very good idea. The hygiene boxes would be nice too. When my my parents were going to the food pantry while my dad had his brain tumor they were happy to get anything from Claritin samples to cleaning supplies. Hygiene and cleaning supplies at food pantries that offer it are hot commodities. These are the things people often will go without because they can't afford them. Last year I donated nail polish even (free at CVS!) beause you know I figured that some women are doing their best to make ends meet, they should have something to brighten their day. Even if it's just a bottle of nail polish!

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Debbie, we did do hygiene items for our church food pantry tho they didn't ask for them in the list. The gal who runs it was all excited as she made up little bags of hygiene items to hand out with the food bags. Also, we sent a bunch of hygiene items back home with my father in law as they deliver food boxes and they personally add toilet paper and fresh fruit along with a few other things--so it was fun to give them some things to share, too.