Thursday, January 19, 2012

Theraflu Rebate Form ~ $5 Retailer Gift Card Includes CVS Option

Here is a new $5 printable rebate form for Theralu.

"OFFER WILL BE PROVIDED IN THE FORM OF ONE RETAILER GIFT CARD. [includes:  CVS       Kroger       Rite Aid       Target        Walgreens        Walmart ]

1) Purchase in store:
  • Purchase any one (1) size Theraflu Warming Relief® Syrup or Caplets (excluding trial size) between 12/19/11 and 3/31/2012; 

2) Mail the following: 
  • Completed offer form below with your choice of gift card preference #1 and #2 
  • circled 
  • Original dated sales receipt dated between 12/19/11 and 3/31/2012 with eligible purchase price circled Original UPC code from packaging"

Pat, a Simply CVS reader, recently shared with us how she uses rebates to increase her spending power while shopping at CVS.  This series of rebates posts is to help you be able to take advantage of saving even more while shopping at CVS. Whenever I find a printable rebate or know of one that can be found in CVS I will post it.  You can find all the rebate offer posts by clicking the banner above.


Anonymous said...

Is this different from the deal that came out last month?

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

The dates on this says it began 12/19 so it is probably the same one.

Anonymous said...

The one I saw last month had restrictions - no coupon use or reward cards, etc. However, I don't see any of that on this rebate. Worth a shot with the CVS deal? I still have my receipts from December so am thinking of trying it!

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

You'll only be out the stamp, then, Anon. It is a good idea to keep the address of the rebates you send in--that way you can compare them to what appears to be new ones to be sure. They almost always have different addresses--if not they have different dates or amounts needed. Hope you get it :-).

Anonymous said...

Great tip - thanks!