Monday, January 30, 2012

Share Your CVS Shopping Trip for the Weekly Ad of 1/29/2012

Simply CVS Gift Card ChallengeDid you find any good deals  from the CVS Weekly Ad of 1/29 to purchase?  Are you taking the Simply CVS. CVS Gift Card Challenge?  If you blog about your shopping trip I'd love for you to put a link to your post (a link back would be appreciated, but is not necessary); and if you don't blog please leave a comment below.  I really enjoy seeing what others get and it is a great way to learn how to CVS.  I learned from reading and reading and reading what others did. I am still learning!

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    KVBQN said...

    Just got a $5 off of $30 in my CVS account online. They have great deals this week including:

    2 Free Skimtimate (after $4 ECB - no limit)
    3 Free Hallmark cards (I got a free card from Hallmark coupon via E-mail and the ECB's)
    6 Free Lady Speed stick (3 BOGO coupons and ECB's)
    1 Free Carmex Moisture plus (after rebate)
    1 Free Cadbury egg (After ECB's)

    I am also going for the Dove soap & Hershey Chocolate. Let's see how I make out!

    Rebecca said...

    Sooooo excited about my trip this week (so far...I see more trips in my future!):
    4-mens speedstick @ $1.12 (not sure why they rang up this way, the tag said $1.99)
    2-softsoap bodywashes @ $3
    1-colgate toothbrush @ 2.??

    -.40/1 toothbrush
    -1/1 softsoap x2
    -BOGO speedstick x2 (these both rang at $3.99 off and the cashier didn't change it)

    Total OOP was $3 and change (not sure exactly) + $6 ECB's and I submitted my receipt for the $5 rebate from the SS insert :)

    Christina C. said...

    WOW! Sorry, a little excited here too! Crazy week, haven't really spent anything OOP yet.
    Just a quick post, don't have all my numbers, but so far (had about $16 ECB to roll with, plus haven't even touched my $25 GC from Mypoints yet (from the open sky deal):
    trip #1
    (3) Hallmark cards
    (6) Lady SpdStk {ended up ringing the free ones at $3.99, so I made $6 ECB on these}
    (4)cadbury creme eggs and mini eggs

    25% off: $0.75 for the cards
    (3) B1G1 for the SpdStk
    CVS B3G1 for cadbury
    OOP $0.00
    Paid with ECBs
    Earned $9.87 ECB

    Trip #2
    (1)Tom's Toothpaste $3.99
    (4) Skintimate $3.89 ea
    OOP $0.00
    Paid with ECB $19.75
    Earned $19.00 ECB

    Trip #3 (for tonight, because I forgot to check email...$4/$20)
    Tom's Mouthwash $3.99
    Pronutrients $9.99
    V-day Hershey's Candy 2/$5.98

    Pronutrient $5
    CVS Pronutrient $4
    Hersheys $1/2
    CVS Hersheys $1/2
    OOP $0.00
    Earning $5.00 ECB

    After all that, I have $19 ECB to use.

    Dee said...

    Another great CVS week! I had 7ECB and a $4/$20
    4 Chex Mix for $6, used (2) $1/2Q
    1 Toms Toothpaste $3.99
    2 Nature Made Multivitamins $10.99 BOGO Free
    The magic machine gave me a $5 of $15 Nature Made last week combined with a $2 Q.

    All in all paid $1.48 got back $3ECB.

    Deal Seeker said...

    Week 1/29/2012

    Transaction 1
    $3.34 x 3 Mountain Dew 12 pk; get $4ECB makes it about $2 a case. This is great! My son just asked me to buy some for work.
    $1.29 Milani eyeliner 75% off
    $2.32 x 4 Milani makeup 75% off
    $ .87 Candy; get .87 ECB so FREE
    $4.49 x 2 Advil; MQ's $1 x 2 get $4 ECB
    $2.89 x 2 Toms mouth wash; get $6 ECB so mini Moneymaker :)
    $ .99 x 3 Hallmark cards; get $3 ECB so FREE
    $9.99 Physicians Formula; MQ $3, get $7 ECB so FREE

    Paid: $46.16 ($27.16 cash, $19 ECB's)
    Received: $24.87 ECB
    so like getting everything for $21.29
    Trip notes: Not sure why the Tom's mouthwash was 2.89, I was expecting to pay $3.99 each. Doing the happy dance since this is the mouthwash my husband uses. Treated my self to some nice make-up that was on clearance. Wish I had gotten the $5 off $30 coupon before my first transaction. Oh well, I guess I'll go back for another transaction. :)

    Transaction 2
    $1.17 x 2 Milani nail polish 75% off
    $2.32 Milani eye shadow 75% off This specific eyeshadow was a request from my daughter
    $1.99 x 2 Speed Stick*; MQ B1G1; For some reason he took off $3.98
    $3.00 x 2 Irish Spring Soap Bars 3 pk*; MQ $ .50 x 2
    $2.74 Colgate Toothpaste; MQ $.50; Received $6 ECB (*part of wyb $12 get $6)
    $3.49 x 4 Old Spice Body Wash; MQ $2 x 4 I was hoping to find a deal on these. :)
    Used $5 off $30 store coupon
    Total Value of Products $57.28
    Paid: $14.45 ($2.58 cash $11.87 ECB)
    Recieved $6 ECB
    like paying $8.45 (My Mom is going to pay me $3 for the Irish Spring and Toothpaste so for me it's like $5.45 for the rest) Such a deal!
    Trip notes: I just had to use the $5 off $30! lol I always check my receipt again when I get in the car. I noticed the cashier took off $3.98 instead of $1.99 for the Speed Stick so I went back in to pay. He said since the coupon said up to $3.98 he gave it to me. :)

    Total To Date:
    Cash Spent $184.21
    Total Value of Products $1256.86
    ECB's remaining: $19
    Thanks Simply CVS!

    Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

    WOW! You guys are having crazy CVSing weeks for sure--I'm drooling. I am having a crazy busy week and not sure I am going to be able to stop in at all!!!!!

    Thanks for sharing, I love reading everyone's great finds.

    Kristen said...

    In spite of not having some of the better coupons (someone stole my coupons on 1/15/12 out of my newspaper and can't find the all you colgate coupon) and not needing toothpaste or deodorant, I was in the mood to get back to CVS. I will donate. Here is what I bought:
    3xColgate Total Advanced $2.74 each
    2xLady Speed Stick deo $1.99 each
    1 Skintimate shave cream
    Used: 3x$1 Colgate reinventing beauty q
    $.50 Colgate man q
    B1G1 speed stick -$3.99
    I thought I had left over money on a CVS cash card but it came up as $0 left so OOP $10.17 including tax and received $10 ECBs.

    Christina C. said...

    Oh yeah. The Pronutrients are working with the buy (2) get $4 ECBs for Centrum products. I dug up another $5 pronutrient coupon and used $4.00 ECB and got $4.00 back!

    Anonymous said...

    I was just going to get the free Cadbury egg and Hallmark cards this week until the Skintimate deal (and glitch?) went viral online and of course, I had to try it out myself!

    3 X 99c Hallmark cards, get $3 ECB
    Cadbury caramel egg, 87c, get 87c ECB

    I had to go to 4, yes, FOUR different CVS's until I found the Cadbury egg (aren't I so lucky that I have so many around me? :)) Most didn't have their Easter candy in yet.

    I found four Skintimate shaving creams at the CVS by my work that were $3.99 and had $2 peelies! I was *SO* excited. I bought 2 at a time; each gave a $4 ECB so each transaction I got $8 back. I essentially MADE $8 from doing this deal!!
    From what I've read online this deal is now dead :(
    I've also read that people got crazy large ECB's like $64... I wouldn't know what to do with it! I'm already somewhat fretting over what to do with my $8 ones...

    N. Gibb said...

    Awesome CVS week!

    2 Speedsticks (clearance) $3.98
    1 Softsoap body wash $3.00
    1 Cadbury egg $.87
    3 Puffs $2.64
    1 Colgate sensitive $2.74
    2 Colgate total advanced $4.18
    1 Huggies Goodnights 26ct (clearance)$4.62
    1 Huggies PullUps 38ct (clearance) $4.69
    3 Hallmark cards $2.97

    Total before tax = $32.33

    BOGO Speedstick Q (took off $3.98)
    $.75 Softsoap Q
    $.25 Puffs Q
    $1 Colgate CVS Q
    $1 Colgate sensitive CVS Q
    $1 Colgate Q
    $.50 Colgate Q
    $2 Pullups Q
    $2 Goodnights Q
    25% CVS Q that was in my CVS account (took off $3.07)
    $10 CVS Cash Card from last week

    Total OOP: $5.69!!

    ECBs Received:
    $1 Green bag tag
    $6 colgate / speedstick / softsoap
    $.87 cadbury
    $3 Hallmark

    Made $ 5.18!!!!

    I was soooo excited about the Pull ups and Goodnights. Amazing Price!

    Anonymous said...

    Still waiting for my MQs that I bought on eBay but I plan to get 30 cases of Canada dry (probably need to visit a # of stores to scrap together renmants, if any). Planning on using $2/3 MQs and $10/$30 CVS gift cards. Saves me a lot on my Seltzer intake. Obviously not an EB run but still worth it. I only got 25% off and free shipping for online purchases in my accounts this week.

    Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

    Kristen, sounds like you had a great trip despite all the problems.

    Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

    You guys are all getting such great deals, still doesn't look like I'll be able to go this week, but just maybe. Meanwhile, I'll just enjoy "shopping" thru your posts.

    Christina C. said...

    If I figured this out correctly, there is a Phizer rebate for $10 with you purchase 3 qualified items.

    Pronutrients $9.99 this week=$29.97
    (3) $5 off coupons
    (1) CVS $4 off Pronutrients
    = $10.97
    Used $4 ECB and earned it back
    = $6.97
    (I used a $5ECB from a past MM)
    submit for $10 rebate, and $8 MM.
    Will not be the same for everyone, but a good deal for me and I've got a ton of vitamins now!

    Did that make sense?

    Sara K. said...

    I'm envious of all you getting the email coupons. I used to get them until a few months don't get anything... Thinking about getting rid of my CVS card and getting a new do I do that??

    Trip #1
    Skintimate x 2 @ 3.79
    Used 2 .55 MQ
    Used 6 ecbs
    Get back 8 ecbs

    Trip #2
    Skintimate x 3 @ 3.79
    4 Cadbury @ .87
    3 American Greeting cards @ .99
    Used B3G1 Cadbury CVS CRT
    Used $2/3 gretting cards
    Used 8 ecbs from #1
    Received $12ecb Skintimate, $3ecb American Greeting, .87 ecb Cadbury

    Trip #3
    6 Speed Stick @ 1.99
    2 Tom's toothpast @ 3.99
    2 Huggies PullUps 4.97 (clearance)
    Used 2 B1G1 Speed Stick (adjusted to 1.99 each)
    Used 2 $2 Pull Ups
    Used $12, $3, $.87 from #2
    Received $6ecb Speed Stick, $6ecb Tom's

    I was really excited about the clearance Pull Ups, I had bought 3 last week when they were only 50% off, but glad to find them this week at 75% off. We are about to start potty training with our little one!

    Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

    Christina, great deal. In my savings figuring I would not count my extra bucks until I use them--just like you did here, you didn't count the $4 you earned this time. So looking at this early in the morning :-) it looks right to me.

    Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

    Sara, I just used up all of my extra bucks and waited until after the quarterly bucks printed and then started using a new card and threw the old one away. You can get a new one and have all your balances transferred to the new one. No idea if either prompts the emails, but I did start getting them again.

    KVBQN said...

    I wanted to share how awful my CVS trip was this week when the manager humiliated me and mocked me for using coupons. Then I asked for a price correction on an item after I noticed the price difference on the receipt on top of all of my ECB’s not printing. The manager would not make the price correction and mocked me in front of other customers for asking for $1 back. I caution everyone to play very close attention to the receipt before you walk out of the store. I was completely embarrassed by the manager but I am happy to report that corporate called. After the representative apologized for the incident (I reported it) she offered to correct the price difference and would inform the district manager for proper follow-up. Thank you CVS for taking customers concerns into consideration! I love CVS and I am going to stick to self checkout from this point on!

    Justine said...

    Awesome shopping trip!!

    Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

    KVBQN, CVS customer service is tops. They really take it seriously and whenever a store employee "mistreats" a customer they will be informed if the customer calls it in. Even minor infractions are treated as important to CVS. sorry you had such a bad experience.