Monday, January 23, 2012

Share Your CVS Shopping Trip for the Weekly Ad of 1/22

Simply CVS Gift Card ChallengeDid you find any good deals  from the CVS Weekly Ad of 1/22 to purchase?  Are you taking the Simply CVS. CVS Gift Card Challenge?  If you blog about your shopping trip I'd love for you to put a link to your post (a link back would be appreciated, but is not necessary); and if you don't blog please leave a comment below.  I really enjoy seeing what others get and it is a great way to learn how to CVS.  I learned from reading and reading and reading what others did. I am still learning!

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    Deal Seeker said...

    This 2nd transaction was last minute for last week.
    Transaction 2
    $3.99 Almay MQ $2 get $3
    paid $4.35 (with ECB and Cash)

    Week of 1/22/2012

    Transaction 1
    $1.25 Revlon Eyeshadow on clearance; MQ $1.00
    $1.25 Revlon Eyeshadow on clearance; MQ $1.00
    $2.99 Revlon Tool $2.99
    $2.87 Blistex; MQ .35 get $2 ECB
    $ .99 Kotex U; MQ .99 so FREE! Thanks Simply CVS
    $5.49 Revlon Tool; MQ $1.00; get $7 ECB wyb 2
    used 25% coupon -$2.75

    Paid $8.34 ($3.00 ECB $5.34 Cash)
    Earned $9.00 ECB ($7 for Revlon $2 Blistex)

    Transaction 2
    .99 Reinventing Beauty Magazine December; $1.00 bag reward
    Paid $0

    To Date Totals:
    Value of Products w/o tax $1104.55 since 9/7/2011
    Cash Spent $154.47
    ECB remaining $19.00

    Yay!!! A Money Making Trip, -$0.66 for $22.78 worth of products. Awesome!
    I didn't even plan to go to CVS this week but since I saw the info on Simply CVS about the Kotex U I decided to make a quick stop. Boy am I happy I did. You never know what you will find.
    I originally was going to get 4 Kotex U but discovered since I stacked the coupons when I cut them I had cut the bar code and X date on some of them. Ugh!
    In transaction 1 I had planned to use $10 ECB but didn't reach that total. I never know what the 25% SQ will take off. I found one Revlon eyeshadow with a 75% off sticker but when I checked it at the Red Machine it was not on clearance. I checked other eyeshadows and found one that did not have a sticker but was in-fact on clearance. The cashier said they were going to redo the whole make up wall soon. I recently started to double check prices at the Red Machine so I am not caught unpleasantly surprised while checking out. Soooo glad I did. This is the first time I have been able to find the Reinvent Magazine. Another little happy surprise. Thanks again Cheryl.

    Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

    Deal Seeker, sounds like you had an all around great trip!