Monday, January 9, 2012

Share Your CVS Shopping Trip for the Weekly Ad of 1/8/2012

Simply CVS Gift Card ChallengeDid you find any good deals  from the CVS Weekly Ad of 1/8 to purchase?  Are you taking the Simply CVS. CVS Gift Card Challenge?  If you blog about your shopping trip I'd love for you to put a link to your post (a link back would be appreciated, but is not necessary); and if you don't blog please leave a comment below.  I really enjoy seeing what others get and it is a great way to learn how to CVS.  I learned from reading and reading and reading what others did. I am still learning!

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    Anonymous said...

    Not much for me this week... trying to minimize drugstore hauls because I'm running out of room at home! But couldn't pass up the freebies:

    CVS brand Vitamin D-$3.49
    Snickers Dark single-75c

    paid with $4 ECB and 25c

    Got back $3.49, 75c, $1 GBT

    I also wanted to get the Kodak archive DVD but the CVS I went to was tiny so they didn't have much of a photo dept so I didn't find it. I will check at a bigger store later in the week.

    Patrice said...

    I was happy with the ad this week!

    Deal Seeker said...

    Heads up on a coupon I just got AFTER I did my CVS shopping. :( There is a $5 off $25 beauty purchase I received in my email valid through 1/16 I could have used that today!!! I even checked my email this morning. Will post my trip later in the week since I will be going again.

    Anonymous said...

    Does anyone know what the Kodak DVD thing is? Do you bring photos to the store and they put them on a DVD for you?

    Lisa said...

    I scored!
    I got
    3 All laundry soaps at 3.77 each
    4 stayfrees for 4.49 each
    2 of the free vitamen D's and a Kodak Dvd.
    i used..
    3 $1.00/1 all
    2 B1G1 stayfree's
    and used last weeks $10.00 gift card.
    I got back another $10 gift card plus some ecb for the kodak and vitamens

    Today I went back and bought
    4 Rembrant mouth wash at 3.99 each
    4 Rambrant toothpaste at 3.99 each
    I used
    4 $5.00/2 Rembrant products.
    I used my ebc and my $10.00 gift card.
    I got back another $10.00 gift card.

    Cara said...

    (1) $1 ECB WYB (1) Gallon Milk $3.99

    Total before Qs: $4.11

    Used $1 ECB from previous purchase

    Used $1 ECB from previous purchase

    Total after Qs: $2:08 (paid with gift card)

    Received $1 ECB

    I came out ahead!

    I also scanned my green bag tag. You receive $1 ECB for every 4 scans. I have 3 more scans to go before I get another $1 ECB.

    couponshanu said...


    I went to do the All and j&j deal. I had ip for j&j one coupon got scanned the other one would not so the cashier said she can not enter it manually bcos its against store policy, I did not like her attitude so I left without buying those.Did this happen to anyone else?is this true abt not entering the barcode if they can not scan it?

    Well I will try another store.

    Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

    Anon, nice problem to have :-). What you got won't take up much room.

    Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

    Patrice, always fun when you like a week's ad. Some weeks aren't too fun--others are a ball!

    Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

    Thanks, Deal Seeker.

    Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

    Livingleaner, if it is the same as before you take your digital photo source in and transfer them to the DVD from that in store.

    Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

    Great trip, Lisa!

    Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

    Cara, nice on the milk extra buck. Those are usually very regional. The green bag tags are a wonderful way to rack up extra bucks. It's like getting a quarter every time you shop.

    J Rodney said...

    Cheryl, I just found out that my first link does not go to the All post. It goes to last week's post.

    Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

    I'll go remove it, JR.

    Deal Seeker said...

    Week of 1/8/12

    Transaction 1

    $4.49 x 4 Stayfree pads; MQ bogo $4.49 x 2
    $13.79 Neutrogena MQ $2
    $ 5.39 Neutrogena; saved 50%; MQ $2
    Total: $26.39
    Saved: $27.58
    Notes: Stayfree pads apply to Gift card Deal; Neutrogena applies to rebate

    Transaction 2
    $1.82 Revlon Eyeshadow on clearance; SQ $3.00 a nice surprise from the Red Machine
    $ .75 Snickers; ECB earned .75
    $4.99 Polident for my Mom; MQ $2; ECB earned $1 (Mom will reimburse me so I will subtract from Cash spent in my total to date
    $3.99 x 4 Olay cleansing clothes; MQ 4 x $3
    $14.49 Neutrogena Powder; MQ $2
    $7.24 Neutrogena Foundation; 50% off; MQ $2.00
    Used: $5.00 Beauty club reward and $1.00 bag tag reward
    Total $20.61
    Saved $51.66

    Transaction 3
    $3.99 Olay cleansing cloths MQ 3.00
    $4.99 x 2 Clean and Clear; MQ 2 x 2.00
    $4.99 Sally Hansen nail polish
    $1.99 CVS nail polish remover
    $10.79 x 2 Benefiber; MQ 5.00; earn $10 ECB
    $4.99 Revlon nail file SQ $2.00
    Used $5 Beauty club reward and $5 SQ spend $25 on beauty items get 5 off
    Total: $24.75 (paid in ECB and Cash)
    Received: $10 gift card and $10 ECB

    Totals to date:
    Cash spent: $142.50
    Product Value w/o tax: $1046.32
    ECB's remaining: $10

    I spent more cash than I normally do but got a lot for it. :)

    Katie said...

    The $5 Rembrandt coupons ran out today, so I couldn't go on my second trip to earn a second CVS Cash Card, but these are my week's purchases.

    5 Rembrandt Toothpastes
    2 Rembrandt Mouthwashes
    1 Carmex Healing Lotion
    2 Suave Deodorants
    1 Mitchum Deodorant
    1 Peanut Butter Snickers Single

    $8.50 ECB from last week
    $0.75 ECB from Snickers
    $1 ECB from GBT
    3 $5/2 Rembrandt coupons
    1 $2/1 Rembrandt coupon
    1 $1.50/1 Carmex Lotion coupon
    1 $1/2 Suave deodorant coupon
    1 $0.75/1 Mitchum deodorant coupon

    $9.48 OOP
    Earned $10 CVS Cash Card

    If the $5/2 coupons didn't run out, I would have done a second grouping of purchases for another CVS Cash Card.

    I did earn a 20% off purchase coupon though, so I plan on buying a Carmex Moisturing Lip Balm..
    Lip Balm: $3.29
    Use $1.50 CVS coupon
    Use $0.75 coupon
    OOP will be: $0.38

    Anonymous said...

    Had a great week getting some extremely necessary products!

    3 12 pks of Diet Coke = $10
    2 Johnson & Johnson baby = $6
    1 Desitin cream = $3
    1 pkg M&Ms = $.75
    1 Clean & Clear lotion = $4.99
    1 pkg Carefree liners = $4.49
    1 pkg o.b. tampons = $4.49
    Subtotal = $33.72

    $5/$20 transaction coupon (my CVS is pretty new, so we keep getting coupons via snail mail)
    $.50 Carefree Q
    (2) $1 J&J Q
    $2 C&C Q
    $1 Desitin Q
    $1 o.b. Q
    $11.99 ECBs

    Paid out of pocket: $11.60

    Received: $.75 ECB
    $10 cash card

    Spent: $.85!!! With my husband and I going through 24 diet cokes a week (I know, awful!), and two kiddos in diapers, this trip slashed my grocery bill. Yippee!

    MizMonie said...

    I purchased

    6 X $4.99 Clean and Clear assorted items
    Total $29.94
    Used $5/$25 beauty cvs coupon
    Used 6 x $2 off any clean and clear
    Total after coupons is $12.97
    got my $10 cvs cash card

    One thing I have to mention is that the cashier wrote down on my receipt "comes with $10 cash card no return" and she then told me I can not return purchases that generates ECB's and cash card if i really have to return items then I will have to return the ecb's or the cash card with the items.

    I was a bit annoyed because she is the only cashier that tells me this everytime I shop. I go to 3 cvs store close to where I live and she's the only one that keeps reminding me that. very rare that i return something. Unless I find the item is expired like the ocean spray juice I bought last week happened to be expired and it was part of the $10 cash card last week ad.

    I think this need some kind of clarification from cvs corporate. Does anyone here heard of this rule? is this new?

    Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

    Deal Seeker, you also have that rebate for Neutrogena coming back to replace that oop. Great trip!

    Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

    Great week, K. Great idea on the Carmex. I did that for my rebate I had for it--but the 20% didn't take off the full 20%, not even 20% after coupon. I don't know what it was taking off--very little though.

    Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

    Anon, don't you love those necessities in such great deals? I love to save on my grocery budget at CVS like that. Nice trip for sure! And nice on the snail mail coupons. We are getting a "new" CVS building--ours will be moving, maybe we will get snail mail coupons, too.

    Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

    MizMonie, that cashier must have seen someone return items again and again that have they have barely paid for. I would call 800shopcvs and ask about it--they are usually very knowledgeable and pleasant.

    They have always taken returns for anything but you won't get cash back if your receipt total is less than the product--you will get cash up to the receipt total and then they will put the balance on a CVS money card.

    Anonymous said...

    This may be a stupid question, but if I have a purchase that is $20, am I able to use two $10 CVS Cash Cards? Or, am I only allowed to use one. Thanks!

    Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

    CVSing is so complicated, Anon, I don't think of any question as stupid. You can use them both.

    Martha said...

    CVS Surprised me once again~ As I went around town looking for the All detergent for $2 ea, I found a huge stack of Beauty Club fliers with CVS Coupons for Pantene, Olay, Clairol and more. I asked if I could take a few and the lady gave me 6! I went crazy this week:

    Transaction #1: Cash Card deal 1
    4 Finish Gel Packs 20ct- $3.5 ea= $14
    2 Rembrandt Mouthwash @ 3.99ea= $7.98
    4 All Detergent @$2ea= $8
    Total before coupons= $29.98

    Coupons used:
    (4) $2.15/1 Finish MQ=-$8.60
    (1) $5/2 Rembrandt IP=-$5
    (4) $1/1 All MQ=-$4.00
    Total coupons= $17.60

    Total-coupons= $29.98-$17.60= $12.38
    Used $2 in eb, and a $10 cash card from last week, and got another $10 cash card back.

    Trans. #2- Axe-buy3, get $4eb
    (4) Axe shower gel $4.49= $17.96
    (2) B1G1 Free Q= -$11.98
    (2) $2/1 Axe IP= -$4.00
    Total coupons= $15.98
    Total- coupons= $17.96-$15.98=$1.98
    Paid with $2 eb and got back $4 eb.

    Trans. #3: Cash Card 2
    1 Rembrandt Toothpaste @3.99
    9 Nuance Salma Shampoo Clearanced @2.89ea=$26.01
    Total before coupons=$30.00

    Coupons used:
    (1) $2/1 Rembrandt Printable= -$2
    (9) $2/1 Nuance from RIB Mag (I had to break this up into 9 transactions because the coupon is lim. 1)=-18.00
    Total coupons-= -$20.00

    Total - coupons= $30-20= $10.00
    Paid with previous Cash card and got another $10 cash card and added $26.01 to the beauty club.

    Trans. #4
    1 Natural Insticts@ $2.37, get $2eb
    1 Olay regenerist cleanser on clearance @3.99
    2 Nature Made Vitamin @6.29- 2nd one is Free
    1 3 Musketeers @ 0.75, get $0.75eb
    1 CVS Vitamin @3.49, get $3.49
    Total before coupons= $17.19

    Coupons used
    (1) $1/1 Clairol CVS Q (From Beauty club flier)=-$1
    (1) $1/1 Clairol MQ=-$1
    (1) $2/1 Olay CVS Q (From Beauty club flier)=-$2
    (1) $3/1 Olay MQ=-$3.00
    (2) $2/1 Nature Made from CVS Machine=-$4
    (1) $3/2 Nature Made MQ=-$3
    Total coupons= $14.00

    Total-coupons= $17.19-14.00=$3.19
    Paid with $3eb, got back $4.24 eb and added $6.36 to beauty club. After looking at my receipt, I noticed the Clairol Hair color offer hadn't been reached yet, so I bought 5 more, in different transactions because of the lim. 1 on the CVS Beauty club flier coupon.. Making a $.63 moneymaker on each one.

    Trans. #5 Garnier & Cash Card #3
    3 Garnier moisturizers @5 ea= $15
    1 Olay Face cream @3.99
    1 Sally Hansen Nail polish @5.99
    1 Sally Hansen Eye Lash Curler @$5.49
    4 Stayfree pads @4.49 ea= $17.96
    2 Nature Made Vitamins= $6.49, 2nd is Free
    1 All detergent @2
    Total before coupons= $56.92

    Coupons used=
    (1) $5/25 beauty club email=-$5
    (3) $2/1 Garnier MQ= $-6
    (1) $2/1 Olay CVS Beauty club flier=-$2
    (1) B1 Sally Hansen enamel, get a tool free (All You Feb. Mag)= -$5.50
    (1) $0.50/1 Sally Hansen nail MQ=-$0.5
    (2) B1G1 Free Stayfree Q=-$8.98
    (2) $1/1 Stayfree IP=-$2.00
    (2) $2/1 Nature Made CVS Machine=$-4
    (1) $3/2 Nature Made products MQ=-$3
    (1) $1/1 All Detergent MQ=-1
    Total coupons= $37.98

    Total-coupons=$56.92-$37.98= $18.94
    Paid with $9 in extra bucks, and $10 cash card, got back another $10 cash card and $5 eb from Garnier and $5 from beauty club. ** I wasn't sure if the Sally Hansen tool would count towards the cash deal but it did!

    I saved over $100 this week and got all of that!

    Next week looks a little slow but you never know...

    Martha said...

    I meant I saved over 100%, not $100 :) Although I probably did!