Monday, January 2, 2012

Share Your CVS Shopping Trip for the Weekly Ad of 1/1/2012

Simply CVS Gift Card ChallengeDid you find any good deals  from the CVS Weekly Ad of 1/1 to purchase?  Are you taking the Simply CVS. CVS Gift Card Challenge?  If you blog about your shopping trip I'd love for you to put a link to your post (a link back would be appreciated, but is not necessary); and if you don't blog please leave a comment below.  I really enjoy seeing what others get and it is a great way to learn how to CVS.  I learned from reading and reading and reading what others did. I am still learning!

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    Gina Moffett said...

    Well I miss my 5$ goal by .76 but I got 3 tissue 4 lip care, 2 floss and two tooth brushes 2 recola, 4 ivory. Kids talk me out of candy. so there where the .76 came in lol oh and 4 dawns dish and walk away with 4$ ecb but I couldnt do it with out all your help that so much.
    Gina Moffett

    Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

    Not bad, Gina, to miss it by just $.76! I was thinking about your $5 over the weekend (not sure why it came to mind) but I was thinking on the weeks you are under--tuck away the extra from the $5 for the weeks when you do go over a little and see if it evens out to the $5 a week. Best wishes for reaching your goal! Keep me posted.

    Dara said...

    We have a few items that we are brand loyal to, Tide and Old Spice being two of those items. Yesterday I purchased 4 Tide and 2 Old Spice deodorant. I used 4/$2 Tide coupons and 1-$1/2 Old Spice, a $5/$20 printed from,$8.50 ECB, and my receipt has a mysterious $.50 coupon deducted on it (?). Total OOP-$6.83, including tax. That was just $1.14 per item. What a great way to start the New Year!

    Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

    Dara, it is great when the brands you are loyal to are on such a great deal. Funny on the mystery coupon.

    Dee said...

    It is so exciting to get to a point where your OOP is cents to nothing. Thanks to your site and great coupons.

    I purchased:
    1 colgate 2.47 stacked $1 Reinv and $1 Man. Q
    1 Colgate 360 2.47 used 75C Q
    1 Always Infinity 3.99 used $2Q
    1 Pull ups 9.49 used 2Q
    1 Oral B Toothbrush 5.99 used $3Q
    1 Ivory .99 used .20Q
    Had a $5/$25 and 11ECB. OOP was 1 penny and received 5ECB for next wk.
    Amazing start to the year.

    Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

    Surely a good start, Dee!

    Christina C. said...

    Heading out to use my $5/$25. Didn't get the Nivea $3/2 coupons that everyone posted. :( Will have to do some new math. :)

    Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

    We've had out of town company and hubby is home today so I haven't even looked at our Q's yet, Christina, I was hoping for those, too. Hope your math comes out great on amother dea.

    Kristen said...

    I bought:
    3 Nivea Lip $2.50 each, used $3/2 q and $1/1 q
    1 Nivea body wash $4.88, used $1 q
    2 Cover girl lip stain $13.45 approx total, used $2.50/2
    1 Dawn soup $.88, used $.50 q

    Used $5/$25 q, $4 ECB, about $5 gift card and about $5 oop (sorry for the approximates but don't have the receipt in front of me)

    Received $5 ECB for Nivea

    I will be going back to get enough towards the $30-get $10 cash card. Figured the pantene 2/$6-$3 is a good deal and I have some RIB q to use towards the essence of beauty. Spending a little more this week but good stuff. I was wanting to try the lip stain and I like NIvea's body wash and that lip care (although I didn't really need more.)

    Kayde Root said...

    Well, I just have to say Thank You Cheryl for keeping this site going even through a rough year in life. Today like a lot of people, I'm starting the new year over, and I'm logging my buys on my blog about my journey that is from a challenge from my church called Big Give 2011. We do this every year, but this year was a tad different! If you would like to see it and fallow my journey to helping provide household items for homeless families that are going through a wonderful program in my area check the Big Give 2011 linkey above. I am so excited to see how far I can take a $100's this year!

    Elizabeth said...

    4 Nivea
    Used 2 $3 Q and $4 ECB (fall spending)OOP $0 EArn $5 ECB
    8 Pantene
    3 Dawn
    Used $5/$25, 4 $3 Pantene Q, 3 $.50 Dawn Q, $5.99 ECB (zyrtec) and $5 ECB (nivea) OOP $.13
    Earn $10 Cash Card
    I also have $4 ECB I didn't need to use, ready for next week!
    Best part-my in-laws were here, so they got to see my stash for pennies!

    Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

    Kristen, Great start to your week--since you are headed back later. Maybe you will get another $/$$ coupon to use.

    Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

    How great, Kayde! I just did go thru the link and checked out your site. Will be fun to keep watch of your progress. You don't know how many times I said, "I really don't want to keep Simply CVS going" this year. so glad 2011 is over, looking forward to a quieter 2012. I plan to be here at least until the new year 2013--so we can save and give together throughout the year.

    Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

    How fun to show others the fine art of shopping at CVS, Elizabeth. My father-in-law and his wife were here and I was able to share some of my goodies with them for the ministries they work with. You had a great trip.

    Julia said...

    Just back from CVS…
    5 Nivea Lip (had to grab something for 2.50 to cover tax so took an extra one as it was close to register)
    4 boxes taster Choice singles
    1 Oral B power TB
    1 Oral B Floss
    2 Total Toothpaste
    4 skinny cow clusters
    1 Rephresh Tampons
    2 Re Invention magazine

    Amount saved 67.74
    Tax 2.63
    OOP 2.63
    Saved 100% after tax
    Received $18 ECB

    Coupons used
    2 3/2 Nivea lip
    2 BOGO Tasters choice coffee
    1 3/1 Oral B toothbrush
    1 1/1 Oral B Floss
    1 1/1 Total toothpaste
    1 75c/1 Total Toothpaste
    2 1/1 Total CVS toothpaste
    2 BOGO skinny Cow – took off $4.99 made them free
    1 4/1 rephresh Tampos from CVS machine
    1 1/1 rephresh manQ
    1 free mag from CVS machine
    used 5/25 CVS coupon
    used raincheck for rephresh for 6.79 and get 6.79 ECB

    Marianne said...

    I just did the Nivea deal; 4 lip balm for 10.00, got 6.00 off in coupons, and 5.00 back in ECB, so basically I made a dollar on the transaction.

    Amie said...

    My mother-in-law gave me a $10 CVS gift card for Christmas so I decided to use it. I wasn't trying to stretch it as far as possible, I just wanted to get some things I really use. These are not my best savings, but it reduced my oop at the grocery store and that's what it's really all about, right? I bought 2 5-ct Zyrtec (one on my husband's card), 3 12-pk Coke Zero, 1 2-liter Coke Zero, Pull Ups, 4 newspapers (for the coupons), 2 boxes of Skinny Cow Dream Clusters, clearanced lollipops, tomato sauce, 2 boxes of Fruit Loops, and CVS freezer bags. I used about $4 ECBs that I already had and $3 ECBs that printed for my Fall Savings, $5/25 coupon, several manufacturers coupons, and the gift card. It amazes me that even when I am not just going for the super-deals, I can get all this with a $10 gift card. I love CVS and this blog. :)

    Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

    Great variety as well as savings, Julia. The coupons in those magazines will come in handy.

    Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

    Those little money makers are great tho, Marianne, especially on slow weeks.

    Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

    Amie, I totally agree, it is all about reducing our out of pocket, or out of budget, expense. We can save tons at CVS and we can all do it in so many different ways to meet our own goals and needs. I love when I can get groceries and keep my grocery budget low. The main reason I am doing the low as possible out of pocket challenge is to show what can be done for those with very little cash and when we see how it is done we can transfer the same principles and get what we need with what we have. Great Christmas present--all of that for $10.

    Amie said...

    Cheryl, I am tempted to try my own CVS challenge to see just how far I can stretch a gift card. Another blogger was doing your challenge and I was so impressed. That is how I found your blog. I love the challenge you are doing. It's just not good timing for me. Maybe when the boys are done with diapers and pull ups I'll give it a try...of course by then, I'll probably be focused on groceries to feed them. lol. :) I love your challenge.

    Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

    Amie, you could do a challenge and just not include the diapers you buy. I have so many ideas for challenges--you could do a much higher one because of the diapers, maybe $10 a week or $50 a month or something. Perhaps keep track for a month what your oop is and then try to match it the next month and see how much you get. Glad you found us and have joined us in saving.

    J Rodney said...

    I just link up my trip, but nothing really makes sense in the end. I was told that CVS no longer gives rain checks on items that are free after Extra Bucks. This meant that the cashier did a whole lot of crazy things to make everything add up....I am missing some extra bucks, but the final total was similar to what I originally had planned on so I just left it at that.

    I sure hope it is not true about the rain checks though - that means they will turn into Walgreens!

    Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

    JR, I sure hope they don't change too much more. Last year was really hard CVSing with all of the changes there and in the couponing world at large--hard to remember everything after thinking one way for so long :-). Not sure about the rain checks, will have to look into that.

    Christina C. said...

    Well, wasn't my best trip and for some odd reason, my $5/$25 wasn't attached to my card, said it was still available yesterday, but wouldn't let me print because it said I already sent it to my card. I spent my rolling ECBs through the holiday, has been rolling $11-$15 for the last year. Decided I would start again. :) Started with a $5 Beauty Club, $2 Q spending and $1 bag tag.

    Nothing that hasn't already been posted, $13.35 OOP and have $10 CVS Cash Card to work with.

    Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

    Christina, nice lot of ECBs to start with since you had spent them all.

    Christina C said...

    Cheryl, Thanks for your help. I started picking up the pace on couponing just under two years ago, last year, I found your blog from another blogger. I had no idea before then, that I could get so much for so little and I cannot believe how much I've been able to donate over 2011! TY

    Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

    That is one of the funnest parts of CVSing, Christina, to donate. Glad to have helped you enjoy donating more.

    falloutlauren18 said...

    Was so ticked with CVS today. I went to do the Nivea chapstick and lipgloss deal $2/5 with $5 EB when you spend $10. I picked up 4 Nivea lipitems that were in a little cubbie type thing all marked 2/$5. When I got to check out and asked why my EB's werent printing since I bought 4 per card and I have 3 cards. Come to find out Nivea put a bunch of there lip items on clearance for $2.14 without any signage or notification as to it being clearance. Had to have a manager come over and explain the situation and he printed my $15 EB's even though I was short. CVS needs to do a better job with clearnace signage.

    Anonymous said...

    Anyone finding the Pampers diaper boxes completely cleared from the shelves?? I just wanted to buy one box and they are OUT everywhere! I'm in the Newark, OH area and work in Westerville... none to be found. Will they give a raincheck on these to get the buy $30 get a $10 gc promo?

    Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

    Anon, I want to say no on the rainchecks but am not sure. On all of their other gift card deals it has been no. Look at the ad--near the bottom of a page or the cash card deal parts it should say if no rain checks are allowed. I don't have the ad here to look at, sorry.

    Anonymous said...

    I bought 4 Nivea Lip Balms.
    I used 2 $3/2 coupons.
    I also used $3 ECB earned from last week's Theraflu deal & $1 earned from by GBT.

    OOP: 63c
    Earned: $5 ECB

    Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

    Anon, glad you found the lip balm, many people were having stock issues--great trip.

    Deal Seeker said...

    Week of 1/1/2012

    Transaction 1
    $3.33* x 6 Pantene Shampoo; MQ $3 x 3
    $9.99* Bounty paper towels 12 pk; MQ -25
    used $5 off $25 SQ; used 2.50 ECB received for quarter spending
    paid: $14.51 ($8.99ECB & $5.52)
    received: $10 GC

    Transaction 2
    $2.50 x 4 Nivea lip care; MQ $3 x 2
    $ .99 x 3 Dawn; MQ .50 x 3
    $4.99 x 2 Skinny Cow; MQ $3.48x2
    $0 2 Skinny Cow; CVS b1g1 (see above)
    $9.49 x 2 Loreal Hair color; MQ $5. (see transaction 3)
    Paid: $24.84
    Received: $5.00 Nivea ECB

    Transaction 3
    $9.49 Loreal Hair color; MQ 2
    paid: $8.06 ($5 ECB and $3.04 cash)
    received $10 ECB

    Transaction 4
    $5.49 Charmin toilet paper
    $4.99 x 8 Skinny Cow; MQ 4 x $3.48
    Total $13.06; Saved $35.88
    Note the Charmin will count towards gift card in following transaction

    Transaction 5
    $3.33 x 6 Pantene Shampoo; MQ 2x$6
    $ .99 x 2 Dawn; MQ 2 x .50
    Total $16.28 (paid $10 ECB and $6.28 cash)
    Received: $10. gift card
    All these shampoos are for my Mom.

    To Date Total:
    Value of Products: $876.23
    Total Spent: $84.49
    ECB's Remaining: $ 0
    Notes: When I receive a gift card I take that amount and subtract from total spent.

    Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

    Great week, Deal Seeker! Your mom will be well stocked :-). Easy way to keep track by subtracting the GC earned.