Monday, January 9, 2012

More of the Great Printables Available:

Smartsource printable couponsI posted earlier about so many great new coupons coming out over the weekend and that many were gone by this morning.  Well, I just found many more, a lot of the same, on Smartsource.  Here is a list of some of the best--but there are many.  I was at zip 90210.

$1/1 Johnson's Baby Baby or Natural Lotion
$1/1 Clean & Clear
$1/1 Johnson's Baby Oil
$1/1 Desitin Soothing Rash Bath
$1/1 Aveeno Hand & Body or Aveeno Baby Lotion
$1/1 Aveeno Hair Car or body Wash
$1/1 Aveeno Facial Care
$1/1 Lubriderm
$1/1 Lactaid
$2/2 Reach Toothbrushes
$2/1 Rembrandt Toothpaste or Rinse
$2/1 Visine .5 fl oz+ or Visine Wipes

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