Monday, January 30, 2012

Check Your Accounts for $/$$ Coupons

Many of the Simply CVS Facebook fans, myself included, have recieved a $/$$ coupon in our online accounts.  Mine is $4/20.  It says expires 2/5--Sunday.  Remember, that is the last day you can print it--they seem to print with an expiration date 4 days from when you print it. So wait until you are going to shop to print it.  So log in and see if you have one!  Thanks to Geri for giving us the heads up to check out accounts :-).  You may want to follow the Simply CVS Facebook page, as other shoppers are always sharing great unadvertised deals--I try to share as many as I can, but often there are way too many for me to share here due to time restraints.


Donna C said...

For some reason I don't ever get these coupons that others seem to. I "think" I'm looking in the right place...I logged into and then went to "My Account" and clicked the button "Go to ExtraCare" and I even tried the link a little bit further down from that button calld "Go to my ExtraCare account." Nothing's there....nothing's ever been there. Am I missing something, or am I supposed to do something, so I get these savings like others do? I signed up for the emails a long time ago and got that $4/$20 but that's the only one for me.

Congrats to those who go them!

Valencia said...

Unfortunately you are looking in the right place. I thought I was looking in the wrong place because I never saw anything but then I looked in the exact same place but with my uncle's card and there it was. Sadly, you are not alone.

bridget said...

i got a $5 off 30. not as good as 4/20 but still makes me pretty happy. i definitely had 30 on my list this week.

Patrice said...

Rats!!! I didn't get one either!!!

Anonymous said...

I had a 25% off coupon that expires on 1/31 plus yesterday on my receipt it printed a $10 off $50 purchase, so today I used them together and stocked up on stuff (like the Charmin tp & Gerber babyfood) that was on sale & that I had coupons for. That made for a GREAT deal - I love CVS! :)

Susan said...

I also never get these coupons so earlier this month I contacted them by email and got this reply:

Thank you for contacting CVS/pharmacy in regard to not receiving email coupon offers.

I apologize that you have not been receiving offers as expected. I have reviewed your account and found that your email address is registered correctly to your account. Please keep in mind that email coupon offers may be emailed to members based on shopping habits and frequency of visits. Some are supported by our suppliers and are based upon their level of sponsorship at the time. We have also expanded the method of distribution for these free offers, not only through email, but through the register, mail, local advertising, and coupon centers located in our stores. Therefore the number of free coupon offers will vary as CVS continually modifies these targeted offers to provide products and services our customers want most.

Remember to scan your card at the Coupon Center each time you shop to receive additional coupon offers. The Coupon Center also doubles as a price checker.

If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact us either by email or by calling (800) 746-7287. Thank you for taking the time to contact us. I hope you have a nice day.


CVS/Pharmacy ExtraCare

Christina C. said...

Just got another $4/$20 in my email.

Anonymous said...

My coupons were being emailed to be but were being filtered directly into my SPAM file, so I never saw them! Start checking SPAM ! Hope this helps.