Monday, December 26, 2011

Share Your CVS Shopping Trip for the Weekly Ad of 12/26/2011

Simply CVS Gift Card ChallengeDid you find any good deals  from the CVS Weekly Ad of 12/26 to purchase?  Last chance for this year at CVS for great deals.  Are you taking the Simply CVS. CVS Gift Card Challenge?  If you blog about your shopping trip I'd love for you to put a link to your post (a link back would be appreciated, but is not necessary); and if you don't blog please leave a comment below.  I really enjoy seeing what others get and it is a great way to learn how to CVS.  I learned from
reading and reading and reading what others did. I am still learning!

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    Valencia said...

    Something weird happened on my CVS trip today. I bought the Zyrtec and used the $2 coupon with no problem. I also bought a bottle of nail polish because my beauty club is only .50 away from my $5 ECB's. By the time I checkout my total is less than I calculated. Not complainin at all but I get my receipt and my polish rung up "free". Not sure why that happened and again, not complainin. My only issue is that I am now still .50 away from my $5 ECB's.

    Martha said...

    I surprisingly had a great trip to CVS today, I was only going for the Zyrtec and the Theraflu but this is what I ended up getting:

    Trans. #1:
    2 Theraflu @ $4.77 ea= $9.54
    1 Zyrtec @5.99
    2 Illy Coffee @ $2.00 ea= $4.00
    2 Frutopia Shampoo @$1.74= $3.48
    Total before Q's: $23.01

    Coupons used:
    2 $3/1 Manf. Q's= -$6.00
    1 $2/1 Zyrtec IP from Zyrtec website=-$2.00
    1 $2/2 Illy coffee CVS Q= -$2.00
    1 $2/1 Frutopia Q from RIB Mag=-$2
    1 $1.5/1 Frutopia Q from RIB Mag=-$1.5
    Total coupons: $13.50

    Total-coupons= $23.01- $13.50= $9.51, I paid with extra bucks and got $8.99 eb back ($3 for the Theraflu and $5.99 for Zyrtec)

    ** Then I looked at my receipt and found that the Frutopia, which I had found on clearance, was counting $3.48 towards the CVS cash card deal, so I looked around at the store to see what else they had and this is what I got:

    Trans. #2: CVS cash card Deal:
    1 Frutopia Mousse @ $1.89
    13 Essence of Beauty hand sanitizer @ $1.87 ea= $24.31
    Lumene Cream @ $3.79
    Total before Q's $29.99

    Coupons used:
    1 $2/1 Frutopia Q from RIB Mag=-$2
    7 $2/2 Essence of beauty Q from RIB Mag= -$14.00
    1 $5/1 Lumene purchase Q from CVS Machine=-$5 (The lumene doesn't count towards the deal, but this coupon helped a lot bringing the total down)
    Total coupons: $21.00

    Total- coupons= $29.99-$21.00= $8.99, I paid with a Swagbucks gift card and got back $10 CVS Cash card, plus, it all counts towards the Beauty club, so I will earn another $5 eb.

    I got a few Christmas clearance items too.

    I still have quite a few of the Essence of beauty Q's left so i'll see if maybe I can do another CVS cash card deal...

    Happy shopping everyone!

    Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

    Oh, no, Valencia! Of all times for something so strange to happen! You'll have to pick up something else for sure!

    Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

    Martha, it is so funny to go in for one or two things and come out with bags full! CVS is always full of surprises. I hope to look for the Frutopia clearance--super nice it counts toward the cash card deal--I'll have to think about that one, too.

    Pat said...

    My link doesn't seem to be posting above for some reason. (I apologize if it shows up twice later on. )

    Deal Seeker said...

    Zyrtec $5.99 used $6 ECB got $5.99 ECB

    That's the only thing I got this week. I just developed allergies the past few months. Hope this med helps. Have a save weekend everyone!

    Anne said...

    So I saw the post on the beauty club thing and decided I should get some clearance beauty and the free hand cream that I had the coupon for. I bought an eye shadow and a nail file (about $5 altogether) but it did not show up in my beauty club spending. Should this show up right away or should it take a couple of days? I had trouble with this on the last purchase I had beauty items in and I'm not sure if I should contact customer service about it or what. Thanks for any advice.

    Anonymous said...

    I only went to CVS today to get Zyrtec. But when I got there, I saw all of the hair product clearance. Thank goodness I had my coupon binder with me!

    I purchased:
    4 Head & Shoulders shampoo @ $1.57 each
    2 Aussie Conditioners @ $.99
    1 Fruitopia hairspray @ $1.94
    1 Zyrtec @ $5.99

    I used:
    2 $1/2 Head & Shoulders coupons
    1 $2/1 Fruitopia CVS coupon
    1 $1/2 Aussie coupon
    1 $2/1 Zyrtec coupon
    $1 ECB

    Spent $9.11 out of pocket
    Received $5.99 Zyrtec ECB and a surprise $6.00 ECB for the Head & Shoulders.

    Made $2.88!! What a great surprise!!

    Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

    Pat, it still doesn't show up. I put it in--didn't know what to title it so I just put "My CVS Trip." I wonder if there was a problem with the linking site as only one other link has been added.

    Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

    Deal Seeker, hopefully it does help. My allergies have been getting worse this year, too, as are my daughter's.

    Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

    Anne, it takes 48 hours. If after 48 hours it does not show up in your account call them with your receipt in hand and they will take the info and will be able to correct it for you.

    Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

    Anon, how wonderful!! I always find it funny when I go in for one thing but CVS has lots of others goodies in store for me.

    Martha said...

    So as I mentioned before I wanted to go back for another gift card deal, and I ended up getting 2 more $10 cash cards!

    Transaction #1: Cash Card #2
    4 Frutopia Hair Spray @ 1.89= $7.56
    2 Essence of beauty hand cream @1.87=$3.74
    10 Essence of beauty hand sanitizer @ $1.87= $18.70
    Total before Q's= $30.00

    Coupons used:
    4 $1.50/1 Frutopia RIB Mag Q (it rings up as $2/1)= -$8.00
    6 $2/2 Essence of beauty RIB Mag. Q=-12.00
    Total Q's= $30.00-$20.00= $10, paid with previous gift card and got another $10 cash card, pretty much, I swapped cash cards and got all that product for free.

    **Looking around what other things were included on the cash card deal, i found the Bioluxe trial size shampoos with tags and all advertising the deal:

    Trans. #2- Cash Card #3

    16 Bioluxe shampoo/conditioner @$1.87= $29.92 (it prompted the $10 cash card)

    Coupons used:
    1 $5/$25 Just for you CVS email=-$5
    8 $2/2 Bioluxe products RIB Mag.= -$16.00
    Total coupons= $21.00

    Total-coupons: $29.92-$21.00= $8.92, so I paid with $5 eb (knowing I'd get them back with the beauty club), and the rest $3.92 with a previous cash card, and got another $10 cash card back, so it was a $6.08 moneymaker.

    So from these 2 transactions alone I added $60.00 to the beauty club, and I was only $20 away from a 3rd $5 beauty club eb this week so I looked at what else I could get and this is what I found!

    Trans. #3:

    2 Herbal essences shampoo on clearance@ $0.99= $1.98
    2 Dove shampoo on clearance @ 1.12= $2.24
    2 Garnier moisturizers@ $7.99 ea= $15.98
    Total before coupons: $20.20

    Coupons used:
    1 $1/2 Herbal essences Man. Q=-$1
    2 $1.5 Dove hair care product IP (from a few weeks back, one was adjusted to $0.74)= -$2.24
    1 $5/$15 Maybelline or Garnier purchase CVS email=-$5
    1 $2/1 Garnier skin care purchase CVS Q from CVS Machine=-$2
    2 $2/1 Garnier moisturizer IP (printed a few weeks back)=-$4
    Total coupons: $14.24

    Total-coupons: $20.20-$14.24= $5.96, paid with $5 eb (knowing I would make them back with the beauty club and paid the rest of the $0.96 with the cash card.

    So this week alone I was able to get:
    7 Frutopia shampoo/conditioner, 30 essence of beauty hand sanitizer, 2 essence of beauty hand creams, 1 Lumene cream, 16 bioluxe shamp/cond, 1 Zyrtec, 2 Theraflu, 2 Illy Coffees, 2 Garnier creams, 2 Dove shampoos and 2 Herbal essences shampoo, and got $30 in CVS cash cards, $15 in beauty club EB, and all that product for free, rolling extra bucks and swagbucks gift cards. Great way to end the year!

    I hope everyone had a great shopping time!

    Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

    Wow, Martha, way to go!! I hope to find some of the clearance if I get to go today. Haven't shopped this week yet. You have inspired me to dig deeper :-).

    Martha said...

    Thanks! I'd like to think of it as a family effort, my family members would get a sheet or 2 of the RIB magazine coupons when they had them out by the registers and give them to me, and every time I'd have a money maker with extrabucks, I'd use it to buy the magazine and thankfully, i had enough coupons for all of that:) And going to several CVSs so I didnt clear the shelves was convenient this holiday season since I had to visit friends and family and hit several along the way :)

    Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

    Sarah & I have both gotten some of the magazines here and there, Martha, and when the manager was unwrapping them there were dozens of the inserts loose. She handed each of us a few and said, I know you like you these. And I have a couple from last time that are still good, so I have them all clipped and ready to see what I can find. I actually copied & printed your shopping trip for ideas :-).

    My CVS managers are always trying to get me to buy clearance stuff so they can get it off the shelves. One shift manager, apparently in charge of the clearance, would tell me where clearance was and say "take it all, please." I rarely get clearance, as I get enough stuff otherwise, but this has me really interested :-).

    Anonymous said...

    OMG martha, that is awesome, GOOD JOB! i will take a print out of your list with me tomorrow and see what I can find! I simply love CVS!