Monday, December 12, 2011

Share Your CVS Shopping Trip for the Weekly Ad of 12/11/2011

Simply CVS Gift Card ChallengeDid you find any good deals  from the CVS Weekly Ad of 12/11 to purchase?  Are you taking the Simply CVS. CVS Gift Card Challenge?  If you blog about your shopping trip I'd love for you to put a link to your post (a link back would be appreciated, but is not necessary); and if you don't blog please leave a comment below.  I really enjoy seeing what others get and it is a great way to learn how to CVS.  I learned from reading and reading and reading what others did. I am still learning!

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    Teresa Harvey said...

    Call me the big spender lol. I went to CVS because I had a rain check for Folgers (that I still have not gotten to use). $4 off $20 purchase, $3 in ECB from birthday, free item up to $4.50 dial lotion, $1 off from CVS and $1 off manufacture both for Pot o' Gold candies. My purchase=2 Dial lotions on sale BOGO, 1 box of Pot o' Gold candies, 1 strip of Christmas suckers, 2 sticks of hard candy, 1 pkg Red Vines candy. Total OOP .25

    Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

    Great trip, Teresa! Love the whole deal for a quarter.

    Teresa Harvey said...

    They actually owed me .45 but since they don't give money back I added the 2 sticks of candy. LOL

    Naneko85 said...

    Sorry if this comment is too long, but here was my trip! Alot of cosmetics were 75% off, which gave good prices even without coupons so I figured it was a good time to stock up on little gifts for my nieces!

    6 - Scott Mega Roll Paper Towel
    3 - 10 Professional Nail Polish
    2 - Revlon Nail Polish
    1 - Confetti Nail Polish
    1 - Wet n Wild Megalast Nail Polish
    3 - American Greetings Cards (Earn $3ECBs)
    4 - Glade Air Fresheners
    1 - Sally Hansen Cuticle Care

    6 - $1/1 Scott Towel 4 Rolls
    2 - $2/2 Glad Products (CVS coupon)
    1 - $2/3 American Greetings Cards (CVS coupon)

    $5 off $30 (CVS coupon)

    $24ECBS from last week + $3ECBS from cards

    Leaving me with $2.68 + $2 tax OOP

    Put this on Gift Card from last week.

    $0 out of pocket for this trip!

    Earned $10 Gift Card.

    Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

    Naneko, can't be too long when it is a CVS shopping trip, the longer the better :-). A great trip for you even with the clearance makeup tucked in--and that will count towards your beauty club. I hope to have time to gather some coupons and that our make up will be on clearance, too.

    Anonymous said...

    I got 3 box of Centrum Pro-Nut..@9.99 ea. 29.97 total, use 3 7/1 coupon and the cvs machine gave a 5off the same product, had ebcs from last week..literally paid $0 oop and got the $10GC!! After that Imade a couple more trans.. and got 8 pcks of scott tp, 12pcks of scott towells for a total of 20!! I needed to stock on tp:)

    bridget said...

    I got 5 cokes and 2 boost & 1 newspaper. I had a 5 off 30 cpn & 5 rewards from the buy $25 giftcard & get $5 free on black friday. I also had 12 ECB that I have been rolling so I paid 11.24 OOP & got 10 CVS giftcard back. Even without the giftcard the price on soft drinks alone is fantastic.

    Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

    Looks like a great stocking up week for you, Anon.

    Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

    Bridget, they do have great prices on things often and then the added bonuses of ecbs or gift cards so sweetens the deal. you got a lot of great, high-value items this week.

    Unknown said...

    I got :
    2 of the ProNutrients vitamins and 2 6 packs of Scott paper towels
    Used 2 $5 off ProNutirients Manu
    1 CVS $5 off Pro Nutrients
    2 $1 off Scott paper towels

    paid $12.96 plus tax and got back a $10 Giftcard

    I only had 2 of the Scotts coupons but have ordered some more, so I can stock up.

    Melissa said...

    I had a fun shopping trip Sunday! Hubby had run out of his One a Day Multivitamins so it was great timing for the gift card deal! He had to go a couple of days without vitamins while I was waiting for the sale to begin LOL!

    Transaction 1
    Centrum Pro Nutrients $9.99
    2 x One a day Multivitamins $8.99 + $4.50 (BOGO50)
    2x Sally Hansen nail polish $3.99 + 89c (I didn't realize one of the polishes I picked was on clearance!)
    Bounty paper towels $3.99
    2x UP2U gum $1.57 (on BOGO)
    $33.92 + tax

    $5/2 One a day Mfr
    $5 Centrum Mfr
    $5 Centrum CVS magic machine
    $3/2 Sally Hansen CVS magic machine
    2x 50c Salley Hansen Mfr
    $1 Up 2 u MFr

    =$13.92 + tax
    Used $10 gift card and paid $3.92 OOP

    Got back $10 gift card

    Transaction 2
    combos $2

    Got back $2 ECB

    Love CVS when we get stuff we NEED for so little.

    Sobeida said...

    Its the first time I get more than one GC deal because it usually is more OOP than what i like to spend, but the Centrum deal was just too good as not to get more than one. I also never have more than 2 or 3 inserts but this week i had 7 SS, 3 were giving to me and 2 i picked up from the weekly mailers they put outside houses (I never go picking those up but I so wanted the $7 Centrum, and when i saw one had it i wanted to go and pick a lot of them up LOL

    I got 6 Centrum ProN, one Zantac 150, 65Count with 20 extra pills (85), a 12 pack Scott Toilet Paper, 1 Combos, 1 CVS reinventing beauty and 2 Ritz crackerfull. Used 6 x $7 Centrum, 2x $5 Centrum CVS Q's, 1 x $5 Zantac and 1x $5 Zantac CVS (I dont recall when i got this one, expires tomorrow) Paid with $23 GC and $5.29 OOP

    I still have 2 GC left ($20), So i basically got all this for $8.29...
    Also have 1 $7 Centrum and 4 x $5 Centrum coupons that i printed last week before I knew that a coupon was coming in the inserts.. will try to get the deal for 2 more gift cards, only if i keep getting the $5CVS centrum Q's

    Sobeida said...

    sorry the post is that long

    Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

    Unknown, great week for you--and with more coupons you will be able to stock up at a great price.

    Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

    Melissa, we have done that--"you can't have any more until I shop CVS next week." Great surprise on the Sally Hansen clearance. I agree, so great when they have just we need at a great price.

    Martha said...

    Another great CVS Week, just sad that we didn't get the Greeting Cards Deal here in Phoenix...

    Trans. #1- Did this Sat. night to take advantage of a $5/$20 fragrance purchase CVS Q that expired that day:

    1- Hally Berry Fragrance- $9.99
    1- Beyonce Fragrance - $9.99
    1- Celine Dion Fragrance - $9.99
    1- Combos- $2, get $2 eb
    Tota before Q's= $31.97

    Q's used:
    (3) $5/1 Fragrance IP (from a few weeks back)
    (1) $5/$30 CVS email Q
    (1) $5/$20 Fragrance purchase CVS machine
    Total Q's= $25.00

    Total- coupons: $31.97-$25.00= $6.97, paid with $2 extra bucks, the rest with a swagbucks gift card, and got $10 gc back and $2eb :). **All of the fragrances counted for the beauty club so it added enough for another $5 eb on my account.

    Trans. #2- I only get 2 papers every Sunday and buy more if there are good coupons, I wanted to get more for the Pronutrients Q because I figured they would run out quick, however, the papers they had at CVS only had one insert, and it didn't have the Q- no time to buy more papers elswhere, I was en route to the Cardinals/49ers game lol.. anyway, this is all I could do:

    3 Pronutrients @$9.99 ea= $29.97
    8 Glade sprays @$0.99 ea= $7.92
    2 Nature Made Viamins =$4.99 (B1G1 Free)
    Total- coupons= $42.88

    Q's used:
    2- $7/1 Pronutrients = -$14
    1- $5/1 Pronutrients IP (Printed last week)= -$5
    1-$5/1 ProNutrients CVS Machine= -$5
    4- $2/2 Glade product CVS Coupon=-$7.92 (adjusted from $8)
    2- $2/1 Nature Made Q CVS machine=-$4
    1- $1/1 Nature Made Man. Q=-$1
    Total coupons: $36.92

    Total-coupons= $42.88-$36.92= $5.96
    Paid with previous gift card and got a $10 gift card back.

    Trans. #3-
    3- Pronutrients @9.99- $29.97

    2- $5/1 Pronutrients Q from CVS Machine (it prints one a day, I had one from Monday and got another one this morning)=-$10
    3- $5/1 Pronutrients IP (printed from last week)=-$15

    Total- coupons: $29.97-$25.00= -$4.97, Paid with previous gift card and got another $10 gift card.

    Trans. #4- Makeup clearance
    Rimmel Mascara- $1.97
    Rimmel Lipstick- $1.99
    Rimmel Lipstick- $1.99
    Rimmel Nail polish $1.07
    Olay Cleanser- $3.99
    Total before coupons- $11.01

    Q's used:
    4- $1/1 Rimmel product= -$4
    1- $2/1 Olay cleanser=-$2
    Total coupons: -$6

    Total- coupons= -$5.01, paid with extra bucks, and added $11.01 to beauty club, and plan on sending in for the $10 Olay rebate.

    Ok, I am done with this week :)Happy shopping everyone!

    Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

    Wow, what a week, Martha. And a game on top of it! Did your team win big like you did at CVS?

    Kristen said...

    I have been trying to just buy things that I use but because of this, it is rare that I end up ahead until this week.
    2-centrum pro nutrients (does anyone know if the probiotics kind is part of this deal? My CVS didn't have it tagged but I don't know why it would be excluded.) 2x$9.99
    1-Scotts towel $4.99
    1 Scotts bath tissue $6.88
    Coupons/ECBs used:
    2x$1 Scotts Man Q=-$2
    2x$5 Centrum CVS Q=-$10
    1x$7 Centrum Man Q=-$7
    1x$5 Centrum Man Q=-$5
    $7 ECBs
    Paid $.85 + tax oop
    Received $10 gift card

    Admittedly, I don't normally use centrum but will now. I really just did it to get the good deal on the bath tissue and paper towel. Where can you get bath tissues AND paper towels for 85 cents? CVS is where.

    Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

    Nice, Kristen. It is funny to buy things to get other things cheaper. I can't remember if they were marked or not, but I think there were three marked at my store. I would say if it scanned at $9.99 at the kiosk it should work.

    Martha said...

    Thanks Cheryl, unfortunately, no The 49ers lost, although we live in Phoenix and should root for the Cardinals, but it was still fun to tailgate and be at the game :)

    Kristen said...

    I had scanned tbe probiotics and it was over $20. I tried another CVS and it was the same price. Oh well. At least on the second trip, I was able to pick up the combos $2 and get $2 and no tax. Woo-hoo!

    Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

    Martha, we, too, live outside the "land" of our teams. Sorry yours lost.

    Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

    Glad you found the Combos, Kristen, I got a rain check. Still good, tho.

    nikita58467 said...

    It's been a while for amazing deals except Thanksgiving deals:)

    (2) Kashi Cereals $3
    (2) Glade Spray $0.99
    Scott Toilet Paper $7.49
    Scott Paper Towel $4.99

    -$4 off $20 CVS Q
    -$0.50 Scott Paper Towel MQ
    -$1 Scott Toilet Paper MQ (found in CVS :D )
    -(2) $2 Kashi Q from RecycleBank
    -$2/2 Glade Products (this beeped and the manager push it through)
    -7.98 ECB

    Subtotal $0.98 Tax $0.91
    Total $1.89 OOP paid by amex gc
    Got $10 GC plus 1 ECB from Green Bag Tag :)

    Hopefully I can do another GC deal tomorrow when I get another vitamins scanner coupon :)

    Hoping to turn most of my ECBs into Amex GC. So far got 4 of them plus 1 more today AND 8 ECBs left :)

    Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

    Great way to turn those extra bucks into cash, Maggie! The Glade q would have probably beeped since it was more than the product.

    Deal Seeker said...

    CVS Week 12/11/11

    $ 4.49 Sensodyne toothpaste 4 oz
    $ 3.99 Olay facial cleansing cloths 33 ct MQ $3
    $ 3.99 Olay facial cleansing cloths 33 ct MQ $3
    $ 2.00 Combo Pretzels ECB $2
    $ 8.99 Loreal Excellence Hair Dye MQ $2, ECB $5 wyb 2
    $ 9.49 Loreal Healthy Look Hair Dye MQ $9.49 (from the Loreal Rewards Club)
    Used CVS Q $5 off $30
    Paid $12.04 ($10ECB & $2.04 cash)
    Received ECB: $12 ($2 Combo Pretzels; $5 Loreal; $5 Beauty Club reward)

    To Date Cash Spent: $56.56
    ECB Balance $22
    To Date Total Value of Products $ 622.77

    Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

    Perfect roll over, Deal Seeker. $12 out and $12 in :-).Thanks for the total tallies, I love to see these.

    Deal Seeker said...

    Second and Third Transaction
    Went back to CVS to do the Vitamin deal but none were left.

    $12.00 (3) 12 can Coke packs; SQ $4.
    $10.00 (4) Hershey Minis; SQ $1; MQ $2.50;
    $ 1.98 (2) Glade Air Freshener; SQ $1.98
    $ 9.88 Zhu Zhu; SQ $8.89
    $1.99 Hallmark card
    $2.99 Hallmark card
    $3.69 Hallmark card; SQ $3.00 wyb 3
    CVS Q 25% off: $1.01

    Total: $21.28 ($2.28 cash & 19.00 ECB)
    Received $6.00 ($5. ECB Beauty Club and $1. Bag Tag)
    Was surprised I was short $2.32 for the $10 gift card so I had to do another transaction.

    $3.19 Sally Hansen nail polish MQ $ .50
    total cash: $2.89
    Received: $10 GC which I will add as cash to my year to date total

    Between the two transactions:
    Spent $24.17 ($5.17 cash & 19.00 ECB)
    Received $16.00 ($6.00 ECB & $10 GC)
    Difference of: $8.17
    Value of Products: $50.80

    To date Cash spent $51.73 (It went down since I added the GC amount)
    ECB Balance: $9.00
    Total Value of Products: $677.42

    Thanks again Simply CVS!!!

    Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

    Deal Seeker, this was the week for extra trips for me, too. :-) Another great trip for you. Lots of goodies.