Friday, December 9, 2011

Reminder: Stop By CVS Facebook Page for a 20% Off CVS Coupon

Image copyright CVS.
There is 20% off CVS coupon offered on their Facebook page.  You take a little quiz and then they email the coupon. It has all the regular stipulations of no sale items, etc.  But if you do rebates, they can come in handy for them, and often if you use with your regular order they will take off something. You can also make your own sale on an item you need.  It will be available for the first 100,000 or until 12/25.  The longer you wait to request it the later the expiration date.  I checked today and it is still available.

To get the coupon you take a quiz:  "what kind of shopper are you?"  Some time ago I wrote five posts describing five different kinds of CVS shoppers.  If you haven't checked them out, look them over and see what kind you are:  The Five CVSer Personality Series.

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