Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Holiday Gift Idea for CVSer: CouponClutch and Accessories for Coupon Binder

If you have a CVSer or couponer on your shopping list for the Holidays who likes to use a binder, you may want to check out the CouponClutch website.  The CouponClutch was designed by Denise, an avid couponer and blogger (Shopper Strategy ) and mother of five (with one set of quads).  She describes it as "the coupon organizer that looks like a designer tote."  Just tuck your own binder inside and you are ready to save.

Originally she did all the sewing herself, but as the company has grown she has had to hire others to help her with the sewing--that is how popular the CouponClutch has become.  Not only does it make carrying a coupon binder easier, but many people like to "hide" their binders and with the CouponClutch it can become a stylish accessory.  There are over 30
fabrics to choose from.  The CouponClutch retails at $29.95.**  They come in a variety sizes for binders from 2" to 5" thick.

Denise also offers great binder accessories:  binder tabbed-divider pages and coupon binder pages in 3, 4, 6 and 9 pocket styles to fit all of your coupon filing needs.  If you like to sew, you can even buy the pattern ($7.95**) and make your own.  She also offers gift certificates in denominations of your choice.

**Denise has offered a 10% Special Discount on Any Order by Simply CVS readers!  Just click thru one of the banners in this post (or the one always available near the bottom of the page) and enter SIMPLYCVS at check out.

So if you know of a couponer who likes the binder method, or do yourself, or if you have been thinking about switching to the binder method, check out the products at The CouponClutch.

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